Confusion and Whitewash

An op-ed Begin wrote for “Ma’ariv”. Shortly after the Yom Kippur War, Prime Minister Golda Meir admitted on national radio that “fatal mistakes” had been made, much to Begin’s surprise and satisfaction that she was admitting the truth. He says that the disinformation campaign has led to the government confusing itself to the point where important Ministers cannot agree on what the government already decided its policy would be with regards to peace talks with Syria in Geneva. The government keeps on falsely promising peace and warning of many wars if peace is not soon achieved while sending conflicting messages on how to achieve peace. However, the public is becoming aware of the lies of the government. The government is making a dangerous mistake in talking about the rights of the Palestinians, as they legitimize Arafat and anti-Zionist arguments. Though the government attempts to whitewash all of its lies and scandals it is unable to do so before the public catches on.

Disturbing Reports of Ill-Treatment of Zion Prisoners in the U.S.S.R.

A speech Begin gave in the Knesset about the plight of the Prisoners of Zion in the Soviet Union. Begin begins by describing hardened criminals who abuse the political prisoners forced to travel with them from prison to prison. Among these political prisoners are the Prisoners of Zion, who only wished to immigrate to Israel. Begin says that Israel should demand that the UN set of a commission of inquiry to investigate the conditions of political prisoners in the USSR. The Kremlin is giving voice to anti-Semitic propaganda and increasing the risk of violence and pogroms against Soviet Jews. The Speaker of the Knesset should ask the US Congress to pass a resolution to release all Prisoners of Zion and The Prime Minister should ask President Nixon to meet with top Russian officials on their behalf. Begin ends his speech by wishing for the return of all Prisoners of Zion to Israel and Jerusalem.

There is a Crisis in Gahal

Begin goes into detail about the recent crisis happening between the Herut-Liberal Bloc. The Liberal Party abandoned the Bloc and collaborated with the Labor Party on a draft bill proposed by the Labor Party. This draft bill was “to change the present electoral system” starting from the Ninth Knesset. Herut members expressed to Liberal Party members that voting to give the draft bill a Knesset majority would hurt the Herut-Liberal Bloc. Liberal Party members assured that there would not be a majority; however, they lied. After there was a majority of 61 votes, Liberal Party members expressed no remorse because it was a principle of theirs to alter the electoral system. That is why they negotiated with the Labor Party. Begin then goes into what the future will look like now that the Government has an absolute majority. It will take years before there can be an alternative party leading Israel’s Government. This threatens the notion that Israel is a democracy.

It All Depends on Mrs. Meir’s Mood

Begin writes a comment about the Civil Marriage Bill crisis. He explains different theories of what could happen to both Mapam and Independent Liberals if they decide to vote for the Hausner Bill. He concludes saying that the fate of the parties depends more on Golda Meir and less on Coalition agreements.

Loyal Opposition – Positive Role in Israeli Politics

An op-ed in the Jewish chronicle by Begin about the purpose of and need for an opposition in a democracy. So-called ‘one-party democracies’ are just autocracies called by a nicer name in the west for political expediency. Herut has had to do more than just oppose the government because of the unique threats and challenges Israel faces. Herut took the lead in several important policy initiatives, such as Israel’s alliance with France, the issue of Arab refugees from the War of Independence, and the issue of German scientists helping the Egyptians produce powerful and destructive weapons. It is also important for Herut to constantly seek to replace the government because otherwise it would allow Israel to become a “one-party democracy.” It is imperative that another party eventually win control of the government to allow democracy to work as it is supposed to.