There is a Crisis in Gahal

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
22 In aug 1972
Bills , Coalition , Democracy , Election System , Elections , Political Parties - Gahal, Herut, Liberal Party, Mapai. Government , Knesset , Jewish Heritage - Linguistics. Opposition
Begin goes into detail about the recent crisis happening between the Herut-Liberal Bloc. The Liberal Party abandoned the Bloc and collaborated with the Labor Party on a draft bill proposed by the Labor Party. This draft bill was "to change the present electoral system" starting from the Ninth Knesset. Herut members expressed to Liberal Party members that voting to give the draft bill a Knesset majority would hurt the Herut-Liberal Bloc. Liberal Party members assured that there would not be a majority; however, they lied. After there was a majority of 61 votes, Liberal Party members expressed no remorse because it was a principle of theirs to alter the electoral system. That is why they negotiated with the Labor Party. Begin then goes into what the future will look like now that the Government has an absolute majority. It will take years before there can be an alternative party leading Israel's Government. This threatens the notion that Israel is a democracy.