Disturbing Reports of Ill-Treatment of Zion Prisoners in the U.S.S.R.

Knesset plenum
posted on:
25 In oct 1972
Jewish Heritage - Anti-Semitism, Holocaust. Bills , Commission of Inquiry , Ideologies - Communism, Communists. Foreign Policy - Israel-U.S. Relationship. Greater Land of Israel - Jerusalem. Knesset , Opposition , Aliyah - Prisoners of Zion, Return to Zion. States - Soviet Union (Russia), USA. Human Rights - torture
A speech Begin gave in the Knesset about the plight of the Prisoners of Zion in the Soviet Union. Begin begins by describing hardened criminals who abuse the political prisoners forced to travel with them from prison to prison. Among these political prisoners are the Prisoners of Zion, who only wished to immigrate to Israel. Begin says that Israel should demand that the UN set of a commission of inquiry to investigate the conditions of political prisoners in the USSR. The Kremlin is giving voice to anti-Semitic propaganda and increasing the risk of violence and pogroms against Soviet Jews. The Speaker of the Knesset should ask the US Congress to pass a resolution to release all Prisoners of Zion and The Prime Minister should ask President Nixon to meet with top Russian officials on their behalf. Begin ends his speech by wishing for the return of all Prisoners of Zion to Israel and Jerusalem.
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