Loyal Opposition – Positive Role in Israeli Politics

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9 In sept 1966
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An op-ed in the Jewish chronicle by Begin about the purpose of and need for an opposition in a democracy. So-called 'one-party democracies' are just autocracies called by a nicer name in the west for political expediency. Herut has had to do more than just oppose the government because of the unique threats and challenges Israel faces. Herut took the lead in several important policy initiatives, such as Israel's alliance with France, the issue of Arab refugees from the War of Independence, and the issue of German scientists helping the Egyptians produce powerful and destructive weapons. It is also important for Herut to constantly seek to replace the government because otherwise it would allow Israel to become a "one-party democracy." It is imperative that another party eventually win control of the government to allow democracy to work as it is supposed to.
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