Bourguiba’s ‘Peaceplan’ is Aimed to Liquidate Israel

Begin first shares both Nasser’s and Habib Bourguiba’s strategies for destroying Israel. Nasser’s plan is with rocket missiles and Bourguiba’s plan is through a disguised “peaceplan.” , Begin explains that Bourguiba takes an anti-war stance because he does not think Arabs are strong enough to win a war against Israel, therefore, his strategy is to make Israel vulnerable in stages. Begin shares that Nasser strongly opposed Bourguiba’s “peaceplan.” Additionally, Nasser protested against the proposal for improved relations between Israel and Germany. Then Begin argues that the Government is dangerously partaking in “automatic thinking” in which if Nasser, an enemy of Israel, disagrees with something, then it must be good for Israel. Begin argues that the Government’s thought process is especially hazardous because the world is listening to Israel’s reactions. He concludes that Israel is enslaved mentally, and the country must redeem itself.

The Flag of Israel Will Yet Fly From the Tower of David….We Shall Yet Meet on the Road to Jerusalem

On the eve of fifth anniversary of Israel’s Independence, Begin addresses a parade of former Etzel members. He reminisces about the success in gaining freedom from Britain. This freedom was acquired by Etzel’s blood and suffering. Then Begin shifts to describe the battle of Jaffa, which took place after the British left. After his description, he raises the questions of who drove out the British and conquered Jaffa. He argues that if the nation believes it was the Haganah, he says to to Etzel soldiers that “[we] will bow our heads before them and acknowledge: ‘You expelled the British, you ended the foreign regime, you brought the nation from subjugation to freedom.'” However, if it is the other way around, Haganah members should praise Etzel members. Begin praises the soldiers at the parade and identifies them as disciples of Ze’ev Jabotinsky. He closes sharing hopes that Etzel will continue to fight to unite the Homeland.

The Truth About the Altalena

This article is a verbatim report of the address given by Menachem Begin over the broadcasting station, “The Voice of Freedom,” on Tuesday, June 22nd. He speaks about the details of the “Altalena,” the ship which was organized to bring an abundance of military supply to Israel. He takes his listeners on a journey of “Altalena” from describing the dedication and passion these young men and women invested into this project, to the difficulties it confronted by the government, to the tragic burning of the ship.