Bourguiba’s ‘Peaceplan’ is Aimed to Liquidate Israel

Newspaper: Jewish Herald
posted on:
27 In apr 1965
Security - Army, weapons of mass destruction. Underground - conquest of Jaffa, Etzel, Haganah. Individuals - David Ben-Gurion. Foreign Policy - Diplomacy, Israel-Germany Relationship. States - Egypt. Government , Jewish Heritage - Holocaust, Linguistics. Knesset , Political Parties - Mapai. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Partition Plan. Peace
Begin first shares both Nasser's and Habib Bourguiba's strategies for destroying Israel. Nasser's plan is with rocket missiles and Bourguiba's plan is through a disguised "peaceplan." , Begin explains that Bourguiba takes an anti-war stance because he does not think Arabs are strong enough to win a war against Israel, therefore, his strategy is to make Israel vulnerable in stages. Begin shares that Nasser strongly opposed Bourguiba's "peaceplan." Additionally, Nasser protested against the proposal for improved relations between Israel and Germany. Then Begin argues that the Government is dangerously partaking in "automatic thinking" in which if Nasser, an enemy of Israel, disagrees with something, then it must be good for Israel. Begin argues that the Government's thought process is especially hazardous because the world is listening to Israel's reactions. He concludes that Israel is enslaved mentally, and the country must redeem itself.