Prime Minister and Correspondent Interview Each Other

The Egyptian people came out in their thousands and tens of thousands to welcome a man who is today the Prime Minister of Israel.  I left the car today in order to go into the crowd.  From last night I had been asking the security service to permit me to go into the crowd, to … Continued

Issues and Answers

I’m a born optimist. I only said that nations shouldn’t get nervous and lose the capacity to think calmly when there is a certain crisis in negotiations. Ups and downs are always part and an integral part of negotiations. I could have quoted to you treaties already reached after years. Some of them you know … Continued

PM Begin at a Briefing at Blair House, Washington

Begin discussed the obstacles in the peace process, as well as the autonomy proposal, at a press conference at Blair House, Washington. He then spoke about the security situation in Judea and Samaria and the Gaza Strip, citing the Coastal Road massacre two weeks prior to the briefing and the Yom Kippur War as examples. He later addressed the Operation Litani’s casualties in Lebanon, the implementation of Resolution 242, and his resignation from the cabinet in 1970.

Our Legal Right to the Land

Begin stresses the importance of maintaining the post 1967 borders and not returning the territories of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. He recalls the Yom Kippur War, in which Egypt utilized the element of surprise to attack Israel to cause more damage and more lives to be lost. In order to prevent this from happening again, Begin emphasizes the legal right the Jewish people have to this land.

They Misled the Nation

Begin explains the happenings with the potential interim agreement with Egypt. Israel was frequently told that if they retreat from land, there would be three years of quiet with Egypt. However, Begin explains that the latter part of the agreement is not taken seriously by Egypt or the United States. Additionally, Ismail Fahmi argued that if Israel does not retreat, it will be a sign of aggression and therefore, Egypt will have a right to defend itself. Furthermore, it was confirmed that any agreement would be annulled if Israel attacks Syria. Even though there is tension between Egypt and Syria, they will join forces against Israel. Although Anwar Sadat has said that he does not want to destroy Israel, his demands for Israel returning to the 1967 lines and “restoring the legitimate rights of the Palestinians” would do just that. Based on the interim agreements process, Begin envisions “important battles for the security of the nation and its future in Eretz Israel.”