Time is in Israel’s Favour

Begin talks about the pressure the United States attempts to put on Israel, claiming that there is limited time left for the Rogers Plan. Begin focuses how it is important for Israel not to rush because time is actually on Israel’s side. He talks about how time worked against Jews during the Holocaust. Also, if Jews did not take time into their own hands, the Partition Plan would have been seen through. He mentions the U.S.’s insecurity regarding the Communist powers, China and Russia. Additionally, Begin mentions that time accelerated the creation of the most sophisticated weapons, which benefits Israel’s security. Just like weapons, time will also help, not hurt, Israel’s security. He argues that time will show Israel’s enemies that they do not have any chance of destroying Israel. Therefore, Israel should not give into the U.S.’s pressure claiming that there is limited time left to guarantee Israel’s security.

Surrender Engenders Further Surrender

Begin speaks about how it is dangerous for Israel to continuously retreat without peace agreements. He first speaks about the Mitla and Giddi Passes and the Abu Rodeis oilfields. Originally, Israel recognized that these were important and therefore, could not be surrendered. However, Yitzchak Rabin declared on American television that Israel would hand over these areas for an interim agreement with Egypt. Begin also shares Egypt’s attitude and how Henry Kissinger encourages Israel to accept this attitude. Begin argues that the Government accepting such attitude is an act of surrender. Furthermore, retreating from the passes and oilfields discredits Israel’s ability to stick to its word. He speaks more about Kissinger and how Kissinger threatens and pressures Israel. Begin concludes that Israel cannot follow Kissinger’s delusions because Israel’s security is at serious risk.

1998: There Will Be a Mighting Nation in This Land

In honor of Israel’s “silver jubilee” (25th) birthday, Begin speaks about his hopes for Israel in its next jubilee birthday, in 1998. By 1998, he hopes that majority of Jews will be in Israel, which will lead to one million people living in Jerusalem. Additionally, he believes that majority of Soviet Jews will make aliyah. Then Begin focuses on current concerns and first counter-argues the claim that it is unjust for Jews ruling over Arabs. He quotes Hussein to point out his desire to have all of Israel under his control. Also, he speaks about the secretary general from Histadrut’s public suggestion for Israel to immediately leave Shechem, Jericho, and Hebron. Begin then says that Israel needs to liberate the rest of the land for the sake of Israel’s security. Begin shifts to speak about another threat to Israel’s security: Assimilation. He concludes quoting Ezekiel’s vision of Jews inhabiting all of Israel.

The Great U.S. Moral Crisis is Affecting Israel

Begin focuses on the United States Supreme Court and American opinions regarding the Mai-Lai massacres. Ultimately, he makes the point that for Israel, it is important that the U.S. is stable. He starts off by talking about U.S. Supreme Court judges accusing each other of acquitting the guilty. Then he describes the William Calley’s case about Calley killing civilians and the Mai-Lai massacre. He talks about how Americans are coping with this information. There is a comparison made by a commentator between this crisis and the Dreyfus trial. American students, among other citizens, are losing confidence in the president because of the amount of time the U.S. has been at war. Then he shifts to talking about America’s Middle East policy. He claims that the U.S. shifts between two contradicting policies, one that favors Israel’s enemies and one that supports Israel. Lastly, Begin explains that the current crisis in America is encouraging American Jews to strongly support Israel.

No Less Than the West… Israel Has Every Right to Develop A-Power

Begin focuses on why Israel should have atomic power. Even having one bomb is on a different level than other “conventional” weapons. There is a fear that other nations with atomic powers would use “small” atomic bombs in a war, along with the “conventional” weapons. Begin focuses on Israel becoming closer to manufacturing atomic weapons. Begin argues that there is a huge ratio difference between forces of Israel’s enemy and Israel. Therefore, the purpose of having atomic power is to make sure enemies won’t destroy Israel. He says that Israelis are living in perpetual distress, which is not why Israel was established. Strengthening Israel’s security will allow the Government to reclaim the slogans of “aliyah, economic independence, work, purity of actions, settlement, peace.”