The Government Must Go for the Nation’s Sake

Begin calls for the resignation of the Israeli government over its mishandling of the Lavon Affair. In particular, he objects to the passing of classified documents, previously kept from the government, to a reporter, and the government’s inaction in response.

Israel has Suffered National Setbacks

In this article, Begin recounts the transgressions of Mapai and Ben Gurion and explains the deleterious effects they have had on Israel. Specifically, he mentions allowing German scientists to assist Egyptian weapons development unopposed; the Lavon Affair; and Ben Gurion’s acting as a tyrant in the Mapai party.

The New Revelations in the Lavon Affair

After the minister of agriculture revealed the details of the Lavon Affair, Begin called for a vote of no confidence, arguing that the government had behaved irresponsibly in how it revealed the facts: either it was a secret and should not have been revealed at all, or it was not a secret and could have been revealed far earlier.