Beigin Sums Up

Begin addresses the Knesset focusing on topics important for the future of Israel. Begin first emphasizes the importance for the State to have a constitution. Begin then talks about the condition of Israel’s economy. He specifically talks about the fault of Ben-Gurion depending on Diaspora funds and private capital. Additionally, Begin mentions how the change in currency does not financially benefit Israel; it is simply following England’s lead. Then Begin discusses the issues of unemployment and standard of living. He mentions how the nation is starving, which directly affects labor productivity, which leads to lack of housing for immigrants. Begin touches upon Jews endangered in Arab countries and how Ben-Gurion is not taking any action to protect them. Lastly, Begin goes into detail about the importance of Jerusalem being undivided and the capital for Israel and provides a draft law for Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel.

Begin outlines economicand social program

A speech Begin gave in America during the mid-1950s. The essence is democracy is that the rulers change from time to time, and by questioning that principle the government is acting totalitarian. On the political front, if Herut came to power, it would form a constitution. A constitution is necessary to set limits on what the government can do and explicitly tell the citizens their rights and responsibilities. On the social plane Begin favors a free market approach with some government intervention to help narrow the gaps. Herut would work towards the famous ‘5 Mems.’ On the economic lane, Begin focuses on the Histadrut, and how he would break up the monopoly of the Histadrut the way trusts are broken up in America in order to ensure the success of free enterprise and the flow of investment. He would not force the disbandment of any labor unions, as they are necessary to ensure that workers have a high enough standard of living to be consumers.