Israel Will Not Submit to Threats

Begin talks about a series of events regarding the peace process with Egypt. First Begin shares that Begin made it clear that Israel absolutely rejected what Sadat stated he demanded from Israel. Begin continues to say that Israel believes in free negotiations without any prior conditions. He mentions that when Sadat came to Jerusalem and spoke to the Knesset, it was a historic event. Begin shifts to talk about Israel’s peace plan, which Jimmy Carter and his advisors deemed fair. Begin then shares his positive reflections on his visit to Ismailia, including the fact that they “parted in warm friendship.” Begin and Sadat agreed to have two committees, one to negotiate military and the other for political matters. After leaving Ismailia on a seemingly positive note, the controlled Egyptian press wrote anti-Semitic slurs. He concludes by saying Israel and its Arab neighbors should be seen as equals because that is in the direction of peace.

PM Begin in an Interview with Luxemburg Radio (Paris) in Jerusalem

Begin addressed to the recently renewed negotiations with Egypt, amid anti-Semitic remarks expressed in the Egyptian press, in an interview with Luxemburg radio. He then went on to discuss the countries’ differing viewpoints on Israeli settlements in the Sinai Peninsula and the region’s demilitarization. Later, Begin discussed a variety of topics, including the autonomy proposal, the role of the United States in the negotiations, and his friendship with Sadat in the wake of Sadat’s hostile interview with October magazine. He then went on to discuss the Israel-France relationship, expressing a wish to see France’s hostile policy toward Israel end and the Franco-Israeli alliance renewed. Finally, Begin spoke about his election to the position of Prime Minister.

Begin Announces Sadat’s Visit – NBC Nightly News

A press conference by Prime Minister Begin on “NBC” announcing President Sadat’s impending visit to Jerusalem. Begin discusses how the visit came about, when Sadat was expected to arrive, the expected itinerary of the visit and what he hoped to accomplish during and after the visit.

There is a New Faith in Our Future

Begin speaks to Herut, Hatzohar, and Betar about the history and the future of their Movement. He starts by thanking the members for their strong commitment throughout the years. He reflects on Etzel’s dedication to fighting for the Jewish homeland and Etzel’s patience which prevented a civil war. He shifts and acknowledges the challenges and discrimination the Movement’s members have faced while being in the Opposition. Begin mentions that since the Movement has been in office, it has strengthened the morale of the people. He acknowledges that some members of the Movement are disappointed that they are not part of the new Government. Begin reminds them that the Movement’s guiding principles are justice and righteousness. Additionally, being part of the Movement means to serve the people instead of ourselves. He concludes by sharing his hopes for the upcoming year.

Our Plan for Peace

Begin focuses on actions of Israel’s Arab neighbors to show that they do not want lasting peace with Israel. He starts by expressing that both United States and Israel want to increase the momentum towards the peace-making process. Then he shifts to a problem. He talks about how the PLO’s charter includes Hiterlized philosophy. He quotes an article from the Palestinian National Convention. Begin understands that it says that Arabs can return to Palestine and there is not room for Jews. Additionally, the PLO denies the biblical relationship Jews have to the land. He talks about PLO’s terrorism and ultimately says that although Israel does and won’t give up on peace, it cannot have productive talks with an organization whose philosophy is “based on an Arabic ‘Mein Kampf.'” Begin shifts to talk about Israel’s participation in the Geneva Peace Conference. He concludes with mentioning what Israel will do if the PLO is allowed to participate in the Geneva Conference.