Begin Announces Sadat’s Visit – NBC Nightly News

A press conference by Prime Minister Begin on “NBC” announcing President Sadat’s impending visit to Jerusalem. Begin discusses how the visit came about, when Sadat was expected to arrive, the expected itinerary of the visit and what he hoped to accomplish during and after the visit.

Warning and Call to the Polish Leaders

Begin discusses at length the continuing anti-Semitism present in European nations, particularly in Poland, expressed currently through anti-Zionism. He details the threat of communist nations to Jews and calls for Poland to let its Jewish inhabitants make aliyah in peace.

No Mediation – Only Direct Negotiation

A continuation of Begin’s defense of Israel’s retention of territories liberated in the Six-Day War. In this piece, Begin discusses the Khartoum Conference, which dealt with the Arab states’ unwillingness to negotiate with Israel, and Egypt’s responsibility for instigating the war by closing the Gulf of Aqabah to Israeli ships. He closes with a discussion of the demographic threat of Arabs living in those territories, and calling for mass aliyah to balance it out. Part 2 of 3.

Herut’s Role in New Knesset

Begin speaks to the new Knesset focusing on his disappointments and lack of confidence in the new Government. Throughout the speech, he repeats that within the Government “‘yes’ is not ‘yes’; ‘no’ is not ‘no.'” He first discusses members’ actions in finding a loophole around the law the fifth Knesset adopted. He also discusses the actions of the new Minister of Labour, who demands Sabbath Law. This Minister demands the Ashdod Port to be closed on Shabbat, but because this could damage the national economy, he will determine if the port needs to operate on Shabbat. Ultimately, he argues that national action needs to happen and shares the actions Herut wants to take.

Interview with Menachem Begin

An interview with Prime Minister Begin that covers the bombing of the Osirak nuclear reactor, the continued relevance of Tomas Masaryk’s words about the difficulty of maintaining a state, and the role religion plays in his life and the state.