Begin Speaks Out On Gahal’s Future

Begin recalls the agreement made two years ago between the two political parties, the Herut Movement and the Israel Liberal Party, which in unison, formed Gahal. He explains that it was not an easy process to attain such an agreement. Since then, there has been some disagreement among members of both parties in which Begin points out. However, Begin assures, in the case that the two parties split up, “Herut would continue to keep to its path in faithful service to the people of Israel who sent to represent it.”

Dictatorships Receive Blessing of an Unwary World

Begin discusses dictatorial regimes around the world and the reactions by many other governments and groups, particularly socialists. He also discusses one-party democracies and develops a number of arguments against these forms of government.

There’s War

Begin focuses on David Ben Gurion’s involvement in the Government and other political figures in Government who he deems as “leaders who do not want to want.” He first speaks about Ben Gurion’s writings, which simplify how the State was reborn. Furthermore, Begin criticizes Ben Gurion of overstepping his boundaries as past Prime Minister. His actions, Begin argues, weakens the Government and the Government’s image in the eyes of other nations. Begin then speaks about Dayan’s role as Chief of Staff. As Chief of Staff, Begin explains that it is crucial for Dayan to be non-partisan. Begin shifts to his main point that despite what others are saying, Israel is currently in a war. He explains that to end the war with Arabs and liberate the rest of the Homeland, Israel has every right to fight the war. He also explains that without war, at the right moment, Israel can succeed. Begin concludes that the latter option cannot happen with leaders who “do not want to want.”

Speech at Knesset 9.11.49

A speech Begin gave at the Knesset in 1949. The Government has been acting very undemocratically in preventing discussion on the writing of a constitution for the new State of Israel. The budget and the deficit of the new State are enormous, putting the economy at risk. Unfortunately there is little concrete investment in Israel and the charity of the Diaspora Jewish communities is not enough. Herut warned of the need to rescue the Jews in Arab countries from anti-Jewish violence and was ignored, and now that the government is finally responding to the problem it may be too late. The Arabs and other nations are making territorial claims against Israel, and Israel should make territorial claims in response, for all of Eretz Israel should be part of Israel by right. The government should resign in light of the above offences and mistakes. The Herut proposes a law for Jerusalem as the eternal and undivided capital of Israel.

Irgun Leader Predicts Unity in Palestine with Brotherhood Among Jews and Arabs

A summation of a speech Begin gave at the Waldorf-Astpria Hotel in the New York Times. Begin believed that after all of Eretz Israel was liberated Jews and Arabs live in peace and harmony and the fighters would be able spend their time tilling the land instead. He wants to secure a sound economic future for those who fought for Israel. His Herut Party favors a complete separation of powers and the establishment of all civil rights. He denounces the Bernadotte Plan as a British plot and calls on all invading armies to leave Eretz Israel. He then joins in a toast to David Ben-Gurion.