A Victory for Humanity

Begin writes a message to celebrate Israel’s 30th anniversary of independence. He first mentions the hardships Jews faced during their nearly 2,000 years of exile. He specifically references to the Holocaust and the sacrifices Jews made for Israel’s existence. Then he speaks about Israel’s history—the wars, the cultivation of land, the ingathering of Jewish exiles, and the unification of Jerusalem. He talks about how Israel still has not experienced a day of peace, and that the peace efforts with neighboring countries will continue. Begin then shifts and mentions the Jews from Europe and Soviet Union who returned to Judaism. Furthermore, he believes that the continuity of the campaign for their right to return to the Jewish homeland. Begin then gives thanks to Israel’s fallen heroes. He lastly states that people from every nation shall rejoice for “Israel’s rebirth is, indeed, a victory of humanity.”

There is a New Faith in Our Future

Begin speaks to Herut, Hatzohar, and Betar about the history and the future of their Movement. He starts by thanking the members for their strong commitment throughout the years. He reflects on Etzel’s dedication to fighting for the Jewish homeland and Etzel’s patience which prevented a civil war. He shifts and acknowledges the challenges and discrimination the Movement’s members have faced while being in the Opposition. Begin mentions that since the Movement has been in office, it has strengthened the morale of the people. He acknowledges that some members of the Movement are disappointed that they are not part of the new Government. Begin reminds them that the Movement’s guiding principles are justice and righteousness. Additionally, being part of the Movement means to serve the people instead of ourselves. He concludes by sharing his hopes for the upcoming year.

Begin Issues Call to World Jewry

In Begin’s Rosh Hashanah message, he focuses on four topics. He first talks about wanting aliyah to increase from both Jews living in democracies and living under communism. He specifically encourages youth to come and build up the land. Then he talks about the part of the country affected by poverty. Begin asks for Diaspora Jews to help fellow brethren who live in insufferable housing conditions. He reminds his readers that liberty and social justice are Jewish values. He shifts to talk about the importance of Hebrew being the second spoken language by Diaspora Jews. Having Hebrew as a second language will prevent the youth from being completed assimilated and leaving behind their Jewish heritage. Lastly, he talks about Jews unifying to support Israel’s security. He closes by praying that this year will bring peace to all people and Israel.

They Caused the Labour Chaos

Begin blames the current government for inflation and repeated labour conflicts. He accuses them of leaking secrets to the public and being unprofessional and using the Koenig memorandum to irritate the Arab citizens of Israel. He blames Rabin for making Israel look bad in the public eye to the rest of the world.

Race to Give Up

Begin speaks about members of the Knesset fighting for who can give up more of the Homeland than other members. He shares viewpoints from various leaders including: Allon, Eban, Hussein, Ismail, and Ben Aharon. One viewpoint focuses on handing over part of Jerusalem to Jordanian supervision. Another one discusses closing Jewish settlement to certain areas. A third viewpoint argues to retreat to the 1967 lines. These viewpoints, Begin argues, will not lead to peace, only to Israel’s destruction. Lastly, Begin speaks about Gahal’s viewpoint and concludes that citizens of Israel will be able to vote in eight months to change the current, destructive course of Israel’s future.