Grievous Sin Against Posterity

Begin responds to David Ben-Gurion’s recent statement in which he accused Herut of praising Hitler. He starts off by providing examples of Ben-Gurion using his tongue against friends and close colleagues. Then Begin discusses “the season” in which Ben-Gurion cooperated with the British, in addition to the negative words Ben-Gurion called Etzel. Also, Begin shares Ben-Gurion calling Ze’ev Jabotinsky ‘Vladimir Jabotinsky Hitler.’ Begin then discusses the claim that Ben-Gurion’s statement was in response to Begin’s address to the Knesset about German scientists assisting Nasser. Begin continues to explain that Ben-Gurion’s statement has hurt Israel’s status on an international level. He concludes that Herut will continue to retaliate against “licentious statements and lying remarks” made against Herut.

Only the People Can Decide Who Shall Rule Israel

Begin criticizes David Ben-Gurion’s offensive statement in which he says, “If, in 15 years’ time, people like Rosen (Mr. Pinchas Rosen, Minister for Justice) will be in power, it will be a calamity for the State.” Begin explains that this statement disrespects Rosen and shows that Ben-Gurion perceives himself more as a king than a leader of a republic or democracy. Begin argues that Israel belongs to its citizens, not Ben-Gurion or Mapai.