Israel has Suffered National Setbacks

In this article, Begin recounts the transgressions of Mapai and Ben Gurion and explains the deleterious effects they have had on Israel. Specifically, he mentions allowing German scientists to assist Egyptian weapons development unopposed; the Lavon Affair; and Ben Gurion’s acting as a tyrant in the Mapai party.

Nothing Takes Precedence Over the State’s Security and Honour

Begin addresses the Knesset, explaining that the motion of no confidence in the Government is a result of the Dayan-Lavon affair. He first speaks of the importance of ethics of security and it is for that reason the Opposition did not attack the Government during the most recent elections. He discusses the danger the country now faces with foreign secret service. Begin argues that he knew the lies related to the Lavon affair would break out. However, he questions why Moshe Dayan chose to wait until now. Begin counter-argues the justification that Dayan’s actions were done out of anger. Then Begin shifts into his reasoning for vote in no confidence and concludes that there are two alternatives: either Dayan or the Government will resign.

The New Revelations in the Lavon Affair

After the minister of agriculture revealed the details of the Lavon Affair, Begin called for a vote of no confidence, arguing that the government had behaved irresponsibly in how it revealed the facts: either it was a secret and should not have been revealed at all, or it was not a secret and could have been revealed far earlier.

Strauss Visits Israel

Begin criticizes both David Ben-Gurion and Shimon Peres for happily hosting Herr Franz Josef Strauss, a former Nazi Education Officer who swore an oath of personal loyalty to Hitler. Begin shares what Strauss did during the Holocaust and how Strauss justified his and his soldiers’ actions. Begin praises Peres’ success in keeping the Israeli army well armed, and then urges Peres to change his attitude towards Israel-Germany relations. Begin argues that the German scientists in Egypt threaten Israel. Begin strongly disagrees with Peres comparing Israel-Germany relations to the relationship France and Israel have. To conclude, Begin explains why he and world leaders do not trust Germany.

Grievous Sin Against Posterity

Begin responds to David Ben-Gurion’s recent statement in which he accused Herut of praising Hitler. He starts off by providing examples of Ben-Gurion using his tongue against friends and close colleagues. Then Begin discusses “the season” in which Ben-Gurion cooperated with the British, in addition to the negative words Ben-Gurion called Etzel. Also, Begin shares Ben-Gurion calling Ze’ev Jabotinsky ‘Vladimir Jabotinsky Hitler.’ Begin then discusses the claim that Ben-Gurion’s statement was in response to Begin’s address to the Knesset about German scientists assisting Nasser. Begin continues to explain that Ben-Gurion’s statement has hurt Israel’s status on an international level. He concludes that Herut will continue to retaliate against “licentious statements and lying remarks” made against Herut.