Time is in Israel’s Favour

Begin talks about the pressure the United States attempts to put on Israel, claiming that there is limited time left for the Rogers Plan. Begin focuses how it is important for Israel not to rush because time is actually on Israel’s side. He talks about how time worked against Jews during the Holocaust. Also, if Jews did not take time into their own hands, the Partition Plan would have been seen through. He mentions the U.S.’s insecurity regarding the Communist powers, China and Russia. Additionally, Begin mentions that time accelerated the creation of the most sophisticated weapons, which benefits Israel’s security. Just like weapons, time will also help, not hurt, Israel’s security. He argues that time will show Israel’s enemies that they do not have any chance of destroying Israel. Therefore, Israel should not give into the U.S.’s pressure claiming that there is limited time left to guarantee Israel’s security.

The Historic Greatness of Zionism

Begin responds to the UN resolution condemning Zionism as racism. Begin first talks about how Arab States hide their hatred of Jews by claiming that they are not anti-Semitic, because they themselves are Semitic. He compares Sadat’s propaganda to propaganda Nazis used. He continues to show that Sadat is not moderate or peace-oriented. Begin then talks about Zionism. He argues that Zionism is at the core of Judaism because it is the idea of returning to the nation’s Motherland. He hopes that in addition for there being a Jewish majority in Israel, there will also be the majority of Jews in Israel. He argues that “Zionism is the fruit of love” to oppose Sadat’s claim that “Zionism brought hatred and destruction to the Middle East.” He talks about the Jewish history of destruction. Additionally, he makes the distinction that Jews did not liberate Israel from Arabs, but from the British. It was the British, not Jews, who were the foreign regime prior to Statehood.

The Correctness of Our Way

Begin defends himself and Herut against the negative claims that he rules Herut and that Herut would rather stay in the Opposition, and not attain the Government. He speaks of his own moral influence and his belief that “ruling” means being of service to citizens. He explains that Herut and the Liberal Party formed the coalition Gahal, and if they are given the authority, Gahal will propose an inclusive Government. Begin shares that at each Herut Movement convention, there are new faces and new members, some being former members of the Labor Party. Then he speaks about the difficulty Herut experienced while compromising with the Liberal Party for the sake of the creation of Gahal. Begin shifts to discuss Herut’s consistent stand against partition of the Homeland, unlike other parties. He also speaks about the importance of narrowing the socio-economic gap. He concludes emphasizing that Herut has not changed its views, because the views have always been morally correct.


Begin shares the issues he finds important regarding Israel’s upcoming electorate. He first addresses that elections on the basis of constituencies would ensure the Labor Party the majority of seats in the Knesset. Begin explains that some small parties voted in agreement for the constituent system because it would lead to greater legislative efficiency. However, unlike these parties, Gahal did not commit suicide. Then Begin speaks about the multiple debates Gahal initiated in the Knesset. After that, Begin speaks about the invalid argument that if Israel is not partitioned, it will become a bi-national State. He concludes that depending on which party Israel votes for, they will be choosing a socialistic regime (Labor Party) or a free society (Gahal).

We Shall Create a New Era

Begin addresses a crowd in Johannesburg focusing on Israel’s enemies. He first shares what Arab leaders said about their hopes for Israel in both the War of Independence and Six-Day War. Begin then brings up the claim that the verbal hatred from those Arab leaders is merely domestic propaganda that does not need to be taken seriously. This leads Begin to speak about how the propaganda from Nazi Germany was not taken seriously by people and as a result, the Holocaust happened. Additionally Begin speaks about peace treaties between countries after the First and Second World Wars to make the point that the aggressors were not given land back. This relates to his argument that Israel has no reason to give back land that was gained from the defensive war in 1967. He references back to the delay of action by countries to rescue Jews from the death chambers, and so Begin argues that Israel needs to rely on herself and not trust the opinions of other nations.