We’ll Not Submit to Threats

Begin warns that Israel cannot heed Egypt’s threat to attack Israel, in the case that Israel attacks Syria, since Israel cannot remain passive in the face of Syrian aggression

No Fraternisation with the Germans in Our Generation

Begin discusses the effects of the Holocaust on German society and Germany’s relationship with Israel. He goes into particular depth about the current members of the German government who used to be members of the Nazi Party.

Israel’s Last Chance

Begin shares his concern for Israel’s security as a result of decisions made over the years by the Government. The Government missed countless opportunities to strengthen Israel. Begin then argues that Israelis are delusional if they think war is preventable. This is because Israel’s enemies are determined to destroy Israel. To feel strong, Begin remarks that Israel needs to feel worldwide Jewry standing with Israel against its enemies. He then shifts to share that there is a shift in public opinion in Israel and if a war does not break out, Herut will encourage Israelis to demand new elections.

What Would Herut Do

While in South Africa, Begin addresses the South African Revisionist Party’s Executive Council and speaks about what Herut would do if it was the leading party in the Government. This address was printed over the course of three newspaper editions, each focusing on a specific topic. In the first article, Begin explains the country’s internal struggles, and then shares Herut’s solutions to those problems. The discussion of Israel’s economic problems continues in the second articleIn the last article, Begin speaks about the lack of peace with Arab countries and that liberating all of Eretz Israel is the road to peace. He expresses the necessity in giving complete equality of rights to the Arab population living in Israel. Begin also spends time discussing is the politics within the Government and concludes that it is crucial to not give up the dream of Herut being victorious in elections.