A Victory for Humanity

On this great anniversary, we bow our heads in humility and love as we remember our fallen heroes of the Haganah, Palmach, Irgun, Lechi, Mahal and the soldiers of the Israel Defence Forces. It is their self-sacrifice which brought us out from bondage and regained for us the dignity of independence. They will be engraved … Continued

The Turning Point in Jewish History

On the 20th anniversary of the Irgun’s declaration of war against the British in Palestine, Begin spoke at a celebration in Tel Aviv. In the speech, Begin recounts the difficulty of the struggle for liberation, compares the Irgun to other national liberation movements, and notes that their struggle was merely the continuation of the Bar Kochba revolt.

Israel, Remember Your Heroes

On the 20th anniversary of the Irgun’s declaration of war against the British in Palestine, Begin paid tribute to the heroes of the organization and those who fell in the struggle for the Jewish state.

There Will Not be a Civil War

Jews everywhere are concerned, not with their own situation, but with the destruction of their brethren in Europe. European Jews could have been saved by being brought to Eretz Israel if only the British oppressors were not keeping them out. Because of this the youth of Eretz Israel is prepared to go to war with the British. The Yishuv is also concerned that a civil war could break out. The Etzel will not submit to blackmail from other Jews, but still it will not raise arms against fellow Jews. The fight is not for war and bloodshed, but for freedom. The Etzel at first did not wage a propaganda campaign against any Jewish elements. The Etzel is not fighting for political power, and will not raise arms against fellow Jews. It will not start a civil war, no matter the provocation. But it will not agree to eliminate itself either.

The Proclamation of the Revolt by the Irgun Zvai Leumi

The Etzel’s declaration of revolt against the British in Palestine. World War Two is winding down. The British have turned against the Jews in Palestine, carrying out executions without trial and slandering Jews everywhere. The Etzel is at war with the British Mandatory Authority. The Etzel demands the complete transfer of authority over Eretz Israel from the British to a Provisional Jewish Government, the establishment of a Hebrew army, negotiations for the evacuation of European Jewry to Eretz Israel, the establishment of relations and alliances with the Allied Powers, and respect and equality for Arabs, Christians, and their respective holy sites. Until the British agree to these demands, the Jews of Eretz Israel should refuse to pay taxes and to obey British orders, declare strikes, and demonstrate against the Mandatory Government. The Jews will not be deterred by losses in the struggle until the homeland is freed from British rule.