No Fraternisation with the Germans in Our Generation

Begin discusses the effects of the Holocaust on German society and Germany’s relationship with Israel. He goes into particular depth about the current members of the German government who used to be members of the Nazi Party.

The Collapse of a Policy

Begin once again laments the passivity of the Israeli government in the face of German scientists helping to develop missiles for Egypt.

You May Vote Against Us You Can’t Abase Us

Begin discusses some aspects of aliyah and the Zionist Executive. In particular, he talks about the plight of Russian Jews and Herut’s desire to be part of the executive, even if it is headed by Mapai.

Who in Israel Lives Above His Means

Begin addresses the Government’s failure in preventing currency devaluation. He explains that the Government encourages its citizens to just tell themselves that “every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.” Begin argues that this mantra is not productive when it comes to economic policies. Furthermore, he argues that devaluation has sped up as a result of Mapai. He shifts to speak about property owners and the faulty solutions the Government suggested. Begin emphasizes how ordinary people are in debt of 30,000-50,000IL. He also shares how Levi Eshkol, the Minister of Finance, reached out to French non-Jews in hopes of them helping prevent Israel from turning into “wandering Jews.” Begin then shifts to discuss David Ben Gurion’s delayed observation that “there are many families without the barest minimum needed for existence.” Begin concludes that while people are living below minimum, Ben Gurion is living generously and is, therefore, leading with maximum hypocrisy.

The Plan to Dissect the Homeland-A New British Commission

An Etzel Broadcast from August 1946. The British are plotting to dissect Eretz Israel, which would be a “reprehensible crime.” It would be at the cost of the survivors of the Holocaust and to future generations. Yet certain Jews are complying with this plan. This compliance is also a crime, and will turn the Jewish people and Jewish leaders against each other. Even worse, it was the Jewish Agency that proposed the idea of partition. The British always delay for time, and the Jewish leadership never learns from past experience to see British tactics for what they are. The Jewish people must unite around new, responsible leadership.