Likud Govt’s Vision for Israel

Begin shares a glimpse at what Israel would look like under the leadership of the Likud party. He discusses the party’s goal for peace and the avoidance of war, balancing Israel’s relationship with the U.S., and the repair of the relationship between France and Israel. He stresses the importance of keeping the territories of Judea and Samaria and protecting Israel from the creation of a Palestinian State. He outlines a government of capitalist socialism and lists several laws he would put into action.

We Must Unite Against the Extremists

Begin reacts to being regarded as an extremist by Rabin during a Knesset meeting by publishing segments of the speech that was criticized as extreme. He discusses the event in Hebron in which Jewish people while they were praying were dragged from the synagogue on Government orders to show that this event was extreme, and his words were not. He turns the tables and accuses members of the Labor Party of being extremists themselves in the sense that they are willing to give up Israeli territory.

“Koenig Report” Shows Labour’s Comples

Begin exposes that in the Koenig Document, it was proposed that the Labour Party create a sister party to attract Arabs. He blames the Labour Party for being selfish and not keeping the good of Israel in it’s best interests and not taking responsibility for it’s mistakes. He reminds Rabin of the Interim Peace Agreement with Egypt. He critizes Rabin’s recurring question of “Either peace or nothing?”

A Blow for Democracy

Begin focuses on Yitzchak Rabin’s undemocratic stand that the chairman of the Jewish Agency (the Zionist Organization) must be part of the Labor Party. Party membership is the important factor, not valuable qualifications and experience. Begin gives examples showing that this has not happened in other democratic countries. Begin talks about Labor Party spokesmen’s reactions when a candidate for the Chairman of the Jewish Agency chose to not enter his candidacy in the name of a political party. They identified him as being part of Likud and said they would do their best to prevent his election. Begin argues that by having party membership be the important factor for the position as chairman is “a blow against democracy in Israel.”

They Misled the Nation

Begin explains the happenings with the potential interim agreement with Egypt. Israel was frequently told that if they retreat from land, there would be three years of quiet with Egypt. However, Begin explains that the latter part of the agreement is not taken seriously by Egypt or the United States. Additionally, Ismail Fahmi argued that if Israel does not retreat, it will be a sign of aggression and therefore, Egypt will have a right to defend itself. Furthermore, it was confirmed that any agreement would be annulled if Israel attacks Syria. Even though there is tension between Egypt and Syria, they will join forces against Israel. Although Anwar Sadat has said that he does not want to destroy Israel, his demands for Israel returning to the 1967 lines and “restoring the legitimate rights of the Palestinians” would do just that. Based on the interim agreements process, Begin envisions “important battles for the security of the nation and its future in Eretz Israel.”