Adventurers Who Jeopardise The State of Israel

Begin focuses on the Government’s response to the Scorpions’ Pass massacre. He first shares that it is wrong for Jews to be accustomed to the death of twelve Jews within the Jewish Homeland. Jews sacrificed and fought in hopes to liberate the entire Homeland. Begin blames ‘adventurers’ for the reason why the land is not liberated in its entirety. One of the consequences for this decision is more bloodshed. Begin then shares that unlike these ‘adventurers’, Herut has foreseen consequences. One example is when Moshe Sharett stated that “‘General Naguib’s accession to power in Egypt has created the possibility of peace.'” Another example is when David Ben Gurion said, “‘Our orientation is not to the West and not to the East – but to the United Nations Organisation.'” A third example is when Moshe Dayan made political declarations. The final example Begin shares is Sharett’s statements over Kibiya, which Begin argues invited the Scorpions’ Pass massacre.

There’s War

Begin focuses on David Ben Gurion’s involvement in the Government and other political figures in Government who he deems as “leaders who do not want to want.” He first speaks about Ben Gurion’s writings, which simplify how the State was reborn. Furthermore, Begin criticizes Ben Gurion of overstepping his boundaries as past Prime Minister. His actions, Begin argues, weakens the Government and the Government’s image in the eyes of other nations. Begin then speaks about Dayan’s role as Chief of Staff. As Chief of Staff, Begin explains that it is crucial for Dayan to be non-partisan. Begin shifts to his main point that despite what others are saying, Israel is currently in a war. He explains that to end the war with Arabs and liberate the rest of the Homeland, Israel has every right to fight the war. He also explains that without war, at the right moment, Israel can succeed. Begin concludes that the latter option cannot happen with leaders who “do not want to want.”