A Man Who Loves His Homeland

Another name people call us is ‘extremist.’ Jews, Zionists, what has happened to us? If a Jew says that Eretz Yisrael belongs to the Jewish people by right, not only to the Jews who live in Eretz Yisrael, but to all sons of the Jewish people – is that extremism? Is that not what Herzl … Continued

Protection and Peace

We do not want to harm you, but in case you ever come to believe that you can endanger the existence of our State, know that we can destroy all the sources of your wealth . Our hands are stretched out to you in peace. What sense is there in our continuing to wage war … Continued

Jewish Right to the Land of Israel

Jewish right to the Land of Israel is basic and inseparable from our right to security, without which there can be no prospect of peace. The choice does not lie between maintaining our right to the Land of Israel and obtaining peace for a Jewish State in some part of the Land of Israel; the … Continued

The Fighting Jew

The fighting Jew is a human being. He is the son of a Jewish mother, that most marvelous of all God’s creatures, with all the softness of her love and the heavy burden of her concern. The fighting Jew loves children, all children – Arab children, too, I assure you. The fighting Jew loves books, … Continued

Prime Minister and Correspondent Interview Each Other

Conversation between Begin and Israel Radio Correspondent Shalom Kital after official visit to Egypt. Begin felt the Egyptian people warmed up to him, signaling a bridge not just between the governments, but between the peoples of Israel and Egypt.