PM Begin in an Interview with Luxemburg Radio (Paris) in Jerusalem

Begin addressed to the recently renewed negotiations with Egypt, amid anti-Semitic remarks expressed in the Egyptian press, in an interview with Luxemburg radio. He then went on to discuss the countries’ differing viewpoints on Israeli settlements in the Sinai Peninsula and the region’s demilitarization. Later, Begin discussed a variety of topics, including the autonomy proposal, the role of the United States in the negotiations, and his friendship with Sadat in the wake of Sadat’s hostile interview with October magazine. He then went on to discuss the Israel-France relationship, expressing a wish to see France’s hostile policy toward Israel end and the Franco-Israeli alliance renewed. Finally, Begin spoke about his election to the position of Prime Minister.

France’s M.E. Policy is Endangering Free World

Begin discusses the difference between peace, and progress towards peace, and other policies such as “non-belligerance” or armistice, or truce. After explaining why Israel should not agree to go back to the borders agreed on in 1967, he proposes granting Palestinians the option to accept citizenship in Israel. He shares his opinions about the possibility of having a Soviet base in the Middle East, and how catastrophic that would be. He stresses how important peace is to Israel, and how much they wish to achieve this goal with Egypt and continue a friendly relationship with France.


On “Gaurmont”, a history of the Irgun. It covered its formation, the King David Hotel and Acre Prison operations, and its ultimate dissolution.

Israel’s Right to National Security

Begin does not focus on Israel’s right to exist, but rather Israelis’ existence as a right. He believes that Israel’s existence is a right and it is Israel’s responsibility for its existence. For example, during the Six-Day War, Israel wanted assistance from U.S., but did not want the U.S. to be responsible for the existence of Israel. Begin shifts to talk about the common threat of communism and how this provides partnership opportunities for Israel with other countries. Towards the end he talks about the danger of using the term “Palestinians.” Therefore, for Israel’s safety, the term “Israeli Arabs” should be used. He closes with saying a ceasefire and direct negotiations for peace treaties will allow Jews and Arabs to live freely together in Israel.

T.V. Interview with Mr. Eban, Mr. Begin, etc.

A television interview Begin gave in 1969 about then-current events. When asked about the Arabs’ claims of being in Palestine for 2000 years he counters with the Arabs coming from Arabia and Mohamed only being born 1400 years ago. He also recounts the Jews’ various expulsions and returns to Israel. He insists that Judea and Samaria are nor ‘occupied’ but ‘liberated.’ He talks about how the non-Jews won’t listen because the Jews supposedly killed Jesus even though it was the Romans who did it and their hatred defies logic. He lashes out at De Gaulle for being an untrustworthy ally. He insists that Iraqi Jews cannot be spies.