Israel, Remember Your Heroes

On the 20th anniversary of the Irgun’s declaration of war against the British in Palestine, Begin paid tribute to the heroes of the organization and those who fell in the struggle for the Jewish state.

Neither Rest Nor Respit

Due to recent disclosures about the Arlosoroff murder case, Begin reviews the incidents of July, 1933 and its’ aftermath. He goes into detail how he was notified about his friend’s, Haim Arlorsoroff, death and the accusations against Abraham Stavsky. He tells the story of his visit with Mrs. Stavsky to Ze’ev Jabotinsky and describes the feeling of “greatness” he experienced. Begin explains how Yehuda Azari, Chief of the Haganah Intelligence, who was involved in the Arlosoroff case, is responsible for the false accusations against Stavsky. Begin criticizes him and speculates why he remained silent for so many years while an innocent man, Stavsky, was being falsely accused. In order to erase any doubts of Stavsky’s innocence, Begin requests from Itzhak Gruenbaum, who once wrote an article in favor of “the inciters, the libelers, those who were after Stavsky’s blood”, to reveal the truth.

Text of Record for Broadcast to the American People

A call to the American people during the revolt against the British in 1947. The British were given a mandate to prepare the land to be a homeland for the Jewish people but has spent thirty years cheating the Jews out of their homeland instead. The Etzel has long recognized the true aim of the British and vows not to stop fighting until the British are kicked out of the country. Americans can help by pressuring the US government to not let Britain get away with its crimes in Palestine, by boycotting British goods, by sending more ships to transport Jewish refugees to Palestine, and by donating money and goods to the fighters so they can have as much supplies and weapons as necessary. The Jewish people is determined to win its freedom, and has many Dov Gruners willing to fight and die for that freedom. The Jewish nation calls to America for help in attaining its freedom.

The Fight for Liberation and Nationhood

A call to action during the revolt against the British in 1947. The Etzel is revolting in order to bring justice and freedom to Eretz Israel. World War Two had cut the fighters of Eretz Israel off from the world and from the Jews of Europe. Without ‘British perfidy’ the slaughtered millions of Europe could have been saved by being brought to Palestine. The Etzel carried out dozens of attacks and built its arsenal by taking weapons from the British. Now that World War Two is over the Jews mourn their six million dead and resent that their homeland is still closed to the survivors. Now even the ‘appeasers’ who criticized the Etzel in the past are united against the rule of Britain. Britain itself has a massive, modern army in Palestine to suppress the revolt. Begin ends by pleading for help in manpower, supplies, and money to better carry out the revolt.