Menachem Begin Speaks to the American People

Begin is interviewed on “Meet the Press” during his visit to the United States. The interview first focuses on Israel’s relationship with its Arab neighbors and Begin’s stance against concessions prior to peace treaties. Then Begin speaks about why Israel should not be deemed responsible for the breakdown of the Israeli-Egyptian talks. There are questions about Arab refugees, with Yasser Arafat as an example of a refugee from Jerusalem. Begin makes clear that one cannot compare the PLO to Etzel. The interview goes back to discussing Henry Kissinger’s efforts to bring peace in the Middle East. Additionally, Begin expresses concern in U.S. discontinuing its assistance to Israel. Begin also argues that Israel is not isolated by the world. The interview concludes with Begin saying, “…if the Arabs know that Israel is indestructible, they will think about peace. If they know that their artillery can obliterate us, then the chance of peace is lost.”

Rabin’s Policy Means War

Begin speaks about Yitzchak Rabin’s policy leading to another war. He first explains Rabin’s mistake in no longer insisting peace treaties. Even so, the U.S. is not satisfied with Rabin’s actions. Begin explains Henry Kissinger’s involvement and then speaks about how Security Council Resolution 338 includes Security Council Resolution 242. Therefore, Begin misled Israelis and satisfied Assad when referring to Resolution 338. Begin quotes Sadat’s position about Israeli interim withdrawals. Begin speaks about Sadat’s strong relationship with Assad. He concludes that it is misleading for Rabin to claim that Arab agreement can be obtained because it will lead to a war.

A Year of Pain Ended, a Year of Problems Begun

Article by Begin shortly before Rosh Hashana 1974, recounting the events and mistakes that led to the Yom Kippur War. The non-mobilization of the reserves by the government during the 10 days of repentance in 1973 would go down in history as “The Blunder” because of just how devastating and fatal that non-action turned out to be. Jews need to learn that government ministers are not all wise. They can make stupid mistakes as well, even with access to information ordinary citizens do not have. He brings examples from Britain and the USSR’s responses to Nazi Germany and from Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal. The government is heading towards another colossal blunder by abandoning the principles of demanding a peace treaty with direct negotiations and not withdrawing from any territories without said peace treaty. The result will be that Israel will lose territory and not gain any peace.

The Only Way to True Peace

In the Rosh Hashanah edition, Begin writes about his method to achieve true peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors. After the Six-Day War, in 1970, the Government addressed relations with its neighbors according to four principles, a key one being that retreat would not happen before true peace agreements. Since then, however, the Government’s principles have faded, and there has been retreat from land before peace progress. Begin speaks about the Yom Kippur War and threats from Arab neighbors. One threat is that even total retreat by Israel will not bring peace. An additional threat is that after Israel retreats, Israel will need to restore Palestinian rights. Begin argues that Israel must go back to its original principles. He continues to say that if Israel hands over territory prior to peace agreements, Israel will receive war. He concludes that he wants security and peace for Israel, which Israel’s neighbors have yet to offer.

You Don’t Have a Majority in the Knesset for Re-Partition of Eretz Yisrael

A speech Begin gave in the Knesset shortly after the December 1973 elections. He congratulates the Speaker of the Knesset and the new MKs and wishes continued good health for reelected Prime Minister Golda Meir. He questions whether the government ever asked for a mandate to withdraw from any territory before a peace agreement is reached. The national consensus had always been no withdrawal without a peace agreement, and the government never asked for a mandate to go against that consensus. Therefore it never received such a mandate. And yet it is acting as if it has a mandate to give up territory without a peace deal. The government has already given up Judea and Samaria, either to Jordan, or worse, to Arafat. This denies Jewish history and Jewish rights. It also would put most Israelis within range of the enemy’s new weapons from the USSR.