The Time Has Come For Action

Begin writes about how the Anglo-American security plan threatens Israel’s future. He first mentions the rivalry between England and America regarding power in the Middle East. Begin explains that they have an agreed plan for Israel. Begin shifts to talk about Moshe Sharett’s determination to make peace with Israel’s enemies. Sharett involved the British and Americans, which led to the joint Anglo-American security plan. Begin continues to explain and argue against the security plan. Then Begin speaks about threats from America to refuse Israel aid, the “silver pistol.” He concludes with speaking about the recent loss of three youth at Mevo’ot Betar and Mevo’ot Betar’s song, “‘we shall not move from here.'” His final argument is that that song is an old song and the new song is “‘We shall move from here –forward; we shall never retreat.'”

Britain Would Not Go to War if Israel Occupied All Western Palestine

This article contains extracts from Begin’s fighting speech in Tel Aviv with an audience of half a million people. He comments on the statement Moshe Sharett made, which was: ”We, the Government cannot undertake to ensure that no Jews will be killed in Israel.'” He also speaks about the mistake for the Government not taking action while Egypt was distracted with internal conflict. Then Begin speaks about Sharett’s attempts to avoid Herut’s critical evaluation of the Government’s actions. Sharett specifically uses the word ‘adventure,’ and therefore, Begin uses that word to speak about Jewish history. He says, “There is adventure of devotion, of redemption, of Holy belief, and there is adventure of denial, of irresponsibility, of treachery, of surrender, of slavery.” Begin argues that this first definition of adventure applies to Etzel’s actions, while the second definition applies to the current Government.

There’s War

Begin focuses on David Ben Gurion’s involvement in the Government and other political figures in Government who he deems as “leaders who do not want to want.” He first speaks about Ben Gurion’s writings, which simplify how the State was reborn. Furthermore, Begin criticizes Ben Gurion of overstepping his boundaries as past Prime Minister. His actions, Begin argues, weakens the Government and the Government’s image in the eyes of other nations. Begin then speaks about Dayan’s role as Chief of Staff. As Chief of Staff, Begin explains that it is crucial for Dayan to be non-partisan. Begin shifts to his main point that despite what others are saying, Israel is currently in a war. He explains that to end the war with Arabs and liberate the rest of the Homeland, Israel has every right to fight the war. He also explains that without war, at the right moment, Israel can succeed. Begin concludes that the latter option cannot happen with leaders who “do not want to want.”

Begin on future of Herut Party

A speech by Begin to a Betar conference in South Africa in 1953. Begin is proud of the delegates to the conference for their allegiance and dedication. He says that Herut must not give up on the goal of a constitution for Israel, even if the idea is unpopular, because it is a necessity. Begin rejects the usage of the terms ‘left’ and ‘right’ as applied to political parties, as they were developed arbitrarily. He argues that Herut will defend the middle class from Mapai’s attempts to destroy it. Herut must be a party for all Jews in Israel. Herut supports the supremacy of the law and the independence of the judiciary. Herut is against the concept of civil marriages because it would lead to two different societies in Israel. The road for Betar and Herut may be long and hard, but their members should remember that Jabotinsky did not live to see the creation of the State of Israel either. They may yet achieve their goals despite their hardships.

Response to the Partition Plan of the United Nations: The Sanctity of the Integrity of the Homeland

A broadcast after the UN vote to partition Palestine into a Jewish and an Arab state. This decision comes after the British had already split most of Eretz Israel off to become Transjordan. Now there will be two Arab states in Eretz Israel and one tiny Jewish state that is mostly desert. This will keep the Jewish refugees from being able to return to Zion. The Jewish Agency has shamefully given this plan their approval. But the partition is illegal and immoral and shall not bind the Jewish people. The Jewish people will reclaim its entire ancestral homeland with Jerusalem as its capital.