American Jewish Congress

A speech Begin gave while serving as the chairman of the debate at the 10th Annual American-Israel dialogue of the American Jewish Congress. The word revolution can be either progressive or retrogressive, depending on who the revolutionaries are fighting and their ultimate goals. After the calls to slaughter the Jews were ignored in the 1930s the left cannot expect Israel and the Jews to just ignore the Palestinian and wider Arab calls for the destruction of Israel and extermination of the Jews. Begin says that the people on the New Left are ignorant of the history of the Jews. Violence as used in revolutions should only be used against tyrannies. In democracies, there are other, better ways to bring about change. The Arabs have 20 countries and a vast land. There is no problem if a percent of them live in Israel, and there is no reason for countries to only have one ethnic group in them. That is the thinking of Hitler.

Menachem Begin on Israeli Chauvinism and Aliya

Excerpts from a speech Begin gave at the World Conference of Zionist leaders after the Six Day War. Begin questions why the conference has not properly addressed the “urgency of the revolutionary hour” after the Six Day War, when Israel’s existence was threatened by the massive build-up of Arab Armies on its borders and won a great victory, taking back the land of Western Eretz Israel. He questions those who accuse Zionists of ‘chauvinism’ when Frenchmen and Poles are allowed to love their lands and express joy that they have reclaimed lost territory. Begin then says that although Israel has a large Jewish majority, a mass aliyah from countries like the USA is necessary to maintain that majority. Israel’s future depends on such an aliyah.

Begin Speaks Out On Gahal’s Future

Begin recalls the agreement made two years ago between the two political parties, the Herut Movement and the Israel Liberal Party, which in unison, formed Gahal. He explains that it was not an easy process to attain such an agreement. Since then, there has been some disagreement among members of both parties in which Begin points out. However, Begin assures, in the case that the two parties split up, “Herut would continue to keep to its path in faithful service to the people of Israel who sent to represent it.”

Why Herut Must be in the Histadrut

Begin’s address at the Herut Convention in Tel Aviv focuses on reasons why Herut should be in the Histadrut. He first speaks about the importance of the potential bloc between Herut and the Liberal Party. This leads him into speaking about why he believes there is a space for Herut in Histadrut. One argument he makes is that the Histadrut is no longer majority socialists. Additionally, some current members are not afraid to declare their allegiance with Herut. Mapai is the party that’s afraid because they are losing their monopoly over the Histadrut. This fear is shown in their attempt to alter the Histadrut’s constitution so Herut cannot join. He concludes that he believes Herut will be part of the Government in the upcoming years.

Mr. Ben Gurion…and a Matter of ‘Fraud and Deception’

Begin writes about David Ben Gurion’s attempt to change the electoral system to strengthen Mapai. He explains that Ben Gurion hopes to change the electoral system from proportional representation to the constituency system. Begin speaks about both of these systems and acknowledges that there has yet been an election system that has the perfect combination of justice and utility. He speaks about the democratic electoral systems in both England and the United States. Begin shifts to criticize Ben Gurion’s desire to create a two-party government. He speaks about Ben Gurion being a Marxist. Begin concludes saying that for Israel’s future, Mapai’s regime needs to be weakened.