Poet and Rebel

Menachem Begin addresses an audience at a memorial evening to Abraham Stern and to all the heroes of Lechi. He praises the great heroism instilled in these “rebels.” He mentions Abraham Stern, David Raziel, Meir Feinstein, and Moshe Barazani.

The Turning Point in Jewish History

On the 20th anniversary of the Irgun’s declaration of war against the British in Palestine, Begin spoke at a celebration in Tel Aviv. In the speech, Begin recounts the difficulty of the struggle for liberation, compares the Irgun to other national liberation movements, and notes that their struggle was merely the continuation of the Bar Kochba revolt.

The Eternal, Triumphant Personality

Begin commemorates Ze’ev Jabotinsky. He speaks about how Jabotinsky predicted what would happen during the Holocaust and how many did not listen to him. Begin explains the personality of Jabotinsky, and that he compares to Mazzini, Garibaldi, and Lincoln. He counter argues the claim that Jobtinsky was a tragic personality. He concludes that Jabotinsky continues to live not only through his writings, but also through his pupils.

In the Heat of the Saison – We Will Surely Repay You, Cain…

A flyer published during the ‘open season’ when the Yishuv establishment was actively working against the Etzel. The establishment is derogatorily referred to as “Cain,” for betraying its brothers. The establishment was silent in the face of the Holocaust and in the face of the British oppresive anti-Jewish policies, but when the Etzel rose up to fight for freedom and for the Jewish people it mobilized its forces and its funds to attacking, betraying, and killing the freedom fighters. This is not the way of the likes of great leaders like Theodore Herzl or George Washington, but the way of fascists. One day “Cain” will pay for its betrayal of its fellow Jews.