Issues and Answers – Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters interviews Prime Minister Begin on “ABC” about the progress of the peace process with Egypt, the meaning of Palestinian Arab autonomy, reactions to the Iranian hostage crisis and the Olympic Games in Moscow. He closes with how he wishes to be remembered.

Prime Minister and Correspondent Interview Each Other

The Egyptian people came out in their thousands and tens of thousands to welcome a man who is today the Prime Minister of Israel.  I left the car today in order to go into the crowd.  From last night I had been asking the security service to permit me to go into the crowd, to … Continued

My Plan for Peace

In our peace proposal we suggested that a second, narrow United Nations zone be created in the northern Sinai around the district of Yamit—a new town founded several years ago in the desert by the sea-shore.  May I point out that the two proposed UN zones—conceived as vital to our national security—make up hardly move … Continued

My Plan for Peace

In the peace proposal we have presented we gave up this past claim to territorial control.  For the sake of an agreement and the peace, we now suggest that the narrow strip between our southern port, Eilat, and Sharm-el-Sheikh, become a United Nations zone.  This is a far-reaching compromise proposal.  And I emphasise, again, that … Continued

Will Carter’s Team Honour His Election Pledges

Begin recalls conversations with Professor Brzezinsky in which they discuss Carter’s victory, Israel’s security, and Israel’s relationship with the US and its Arab neighbors. They debate whether it is realistic and appropriate to demand the Arab nations recognize Israel’s right to exist. Begin recalls how helpful Israel was to America during the Vietnam War, and believes that is part of why America continues to protect and care about Israel’s security and survival