In Courage Lies Our Salvation

Begin criticizes the Government for acting out of fear, which Begin argues will lead to disaster. Begin then shares that Yitzchak Rabin acted irresponsibly when he announced that Sadat had transferred a third of his army to the reserves. Because of that statement, other countries will be interested in selling arms to Egypt. Begin explains that Sadat transferred soldiers to reserves not because his hopes for peace in the near future, but because of Egypt’s current economic crisis. Sadat is in fear of being overthrown. Begin shifts to talk about the poor relationship between Rabin and Ford. Regarding this land, the Government stated that Jerusalem was liberated and Judea and Samaria were conquered. Begin argues that there should not be a difference between Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria: All was liberated. He concludes with for the sake of Israel’s existence, the Government needs to be courageous and strong.

Israel’s Right to National Security

Begin does not focus on Israel’s right to exist, but rather Israelis’ existence as a right. He believes that Israel’s existence is a right and it is Israel’s responsibility for its existence. For example, during the Six-Day War, Israel wanted assistance from U.S., but did not want the U.S. to be responsible for the existence of Israel. Begin shifts to talk about the common threat of communism and how this provides partnership opportunities for Israel with other countries. Towards the end he talks about the danger of using the term “Palestinians.” Therefore, for Israel’s safety, the term “Israeli Arabs” should be used. He closes with saying a ceasefire and direct negotiations for peace treaties will allow Jews and Arabs to live freely together in Israel.

Israel is Strong Enough to Resist Dr. K’s War of Nerves

Before Dr. Kissinger’s visit to the Middle East to propose a final plan for peace, Begin reviews the threats he feels Dr. Kissinger has used against Israel in an attempt for force them to surrender territory. Sadat demands that Israel withdraw from the Sinai, Golan Heights, and Jordan River, but the state of belligerency will only end if an Arab State is created in the areas of Judea, Samaria, and the Gaza Strip. Dr. Kissinger refers to these demands as moderate. Kissinger stated that if Israel does not retreat and give back territory, war will be inevitable. Begin famously believed the exact opposite of that, that war is never inevitable, and “lessons of the past show how they can be averted.” Begin makes Kissinger out to be a schoolyard bully, trying to force Israel into actions that are not good for the State.

Choice in Policy, No Fatalism

An op-ed Begin wrote from the Jerusalem Post. He says that Israel must stand fast in demanding a full peace treaty and not withdrawal from any territory without a peace treaty. Israel is becoming isolated internationally and the PLO, despite having goals similar to the Nazis and carrying out murderous attacks on civilian targets, is gaining international recognition. The government is weak and not standing up for Israel’s rights. The Likud is in favor of a national unity government but the Alignment has sabotaged their efforts to form one by demanding that the Likud give up its principles first. He calls on mobilizing the American Jewish community and the pro-Israel community to lobby on behalf of Israel in America. There is a demographic problem, but if Jews come in large enough numbers from the Soviet Union it will cease to be an issue. Israel also must do more to save the Jews under threat in Syria. If Israel sticks up for its rights it will come through the current challenges.

You Don’t Have a Majority in the Knesset for Re-Partition of Eretz Yisrael

A speech Begin gave in the Knesset shortly after the December 1973 elections. He congratulates the Speaker of the Knesset and the new MKs and wishes continued good health for reelected Prime Minister Golda Meir. He questions whether the government ever asked for a mandate to withdraw from any territory before a peace agreement is reached. The national consensus had always been no withdrawal without a peace agreement, and the government never asked for a mandate to go against that consensus. Therefore it never received such a mandate. And yet it is acting as if it has a mandate to give up territory without a peace deal. The government has already given up Judea and Samaria, either to Jordan, or worse, to Arafat. This denies Jewish history and Jewish rights. It also would put most Israelis within range of the enemy’s new weapons from the USSR.