Israel Must Advance Eastwards— Or Be Pushed Into The Sea

Begin expands on the idea that although the majority of people before 1948 were saying that it would be impossible to force the British out, the minority of people who believed it to be true made it reality. He relates this idea to the continuance of conquest. He states that although the British have left, the conquest must not stop there. People must realize that the conquest must continue in order to expand Israel’s borders eastwards; otherwise, “we shall be pushed into the sea.”

Jerusalem Our Capital

An article by Begin about Jerusalem during the summer of the War of Independence. Begin begins by waxing poetic about Jerusalem and the sacrifices that were necessary to defend and secure the city. By not falling, Jerusalem kept the rest of Israel from falling as well and gave hope to the Jewish fighters. The UN will meet to discuss giving Jerusalem to Transjordan or to make it an international city, neither of which must be allowed to occur. Jerusalem belongs to the Jews. The fight for Jerusalem and the survival of the state still rages both on the battlefield and in the political arena. The greatest victory was driving the British from the land, but they continue to be an obstacle by being largely responsible for the Bernadotte plan, which is very similar to the rejected Peel plan of 1937. Despite these obstacles, Israel will be victorious and claim its entire historic homeland. Then a free, equal, and just society will live in Israel.