Choice in Policy, No Fatalism

An op-ed Begin wrote from the Jerusalem Post. He says that Israel must stand fast in demanding a full peace treaty and not withdrawal from any territory without a peace treaty. Israel is becoming isolated internationally and the PLO, despite having goals similar to the Nazis and carrying out murderous attacks on civilian targets, is gaining international recognition. The government is weak and not standing up for Israel’s rights. The Likud is in favor of a national unity government but the Alignment has sabotaged their efforts to form one by demanding that the Likud give up its principles first. He calls on mobilizing the American Jewish community and the pro-Israel community to lobby on behalf of Israel in America. There is a demographic problem, but if Jews come in large enough numbers from the Soviet Union it will cease to be an issue. Israel also must do more to save the Jews under threat in Syria. If Israel sticks up for its rights it will come through the current challenges.

Irgun Leader Predicts Unity in Palestine with Brotherhood Among Jews and Arabs

A summation of a speech Begin gave at the Waldorf-Astpria Hotel in the New York Times. Begin believed that after all of Eretz Israel was liberated Jews and Arabs live in peace and harmony and the fighters would be able spend their time tilling the land instead. He wants to secure a sound economic future for those who fought for Israel. His Herut Party favors a complete separation of powers and the establishment of all civil rights. He denounces the Bernadotte Plan as a British plot and calls on all invading armies to leave Eretz Israel. He then joins in a toast to David Ben-Gurion.

Speech by Menachem Begin

A speech Begin gave in New York on the first anniversary of the UN resolution to partition Palestine. The resolution was not a ‘gift’ from the nations of the world to the Jews, but the result of the revolt against the British forces in Palestine which forced the British to bring the issue to the UN. The resolution is not enough because it does not grant the Jews all of historical Israel, but it is important as international recognition of the right of the Jews to independence in their homeland. In the new state Begin and his followers will continue to fight for the ideals which they fought for in the underground, but now in the opposition. Without an opposition no country can truly be free. There will be peace, and then the fighters can lay down their arms. Begin ends by crediting Zeev Jabotinsky and his vision for their success and by thanking God for allowing them to live to see this day.

Irgun Head Scores Benadotte Plan

An interview Begin gave to the New York Times in 1948 about the Bernadotte Plan. The British are still the greatest enemies of the young State of Israel. They are using the United Nations to enact their plan to partition Eretz Israel and leave the Jews in a ghetto. The British are also helping the invading Arab armies. Begin says that invasion cannot be rewarded in any part of the workd lest it be rewarded everywhere. The Arab countries have learned that they cannot defeat Israel militarily, for in modern warfare the Jews possess the advantage of will and brainpower that are more important than mere numbers. However, the Arab countries are beginning to take revenge on the Jews who live in them. The international community needs to set up a league to help these Jews. The Herut Party will use political means to fight against partition.

Statement at a Press Conference 19.09.1948

A press release by Begin as head of the Opposition party, Tenuat Haherut, after the assassination of a UN representative by radical Zionists in Jerusalem. Tenuat Haherut does not participate in the unelected government of the new state but still feels responsible for the well-being and future of the state and therefore must comment on recent events. Britain bears indirect responsibility for the assassination by discrediting the UN as an international organization. The Provisional Government of Israel also bears indirect responsibility for the assassination because it acts cowardly towards the world but tyrannical towards Jews within its borders, both of which are causing the rise of a new underground. Tenuat Haherut is against the killing and the rise of a new underground, and calls on all Jews in Israel to unite against their enemies and for the world to treat Israel justly.