Poet and Rebel

Menachem Begin addresses an audience at a memorial evening to Abraham Stern and to all the heroes of Lechi. He praises the great heroism instilled in these “rebels.” He mentions Abraham Stern, David Raziel, Meir Feinstein, and Moshe Barazani.

The Two Crowns of Yair

Begin gives an address to commemorate Abraham (Yair) Stern. He first declares that both Stern and David Raziel “accomplished the turning point of action after a lapse of 1880 years, using Hebrew arms not for local defense but for counter-attack, laying the foundation for all campaigns of Israel in our generation.” He spoke about his deep connection with Stern and continues to describe Stern and a poet and a rebel. He explains how both Stern and Raziel were heroes, and concludes that as a result of their heroism, others followed their self-sacrifice mentality.