President of Us All

Begin shares his long-time perspective about the importance and respect the President of Israel deserves. For example, when Chaim Weizmann became the first President, although he and Begin had many disagreements, Begin explains that Weizmann was no longer an opponent, but “President of our State.” Begin differentiates between respect one should give to the President and Prime Minister. Begin also comments that Ze’ev Jabotinsky should have been President. Gahal believes and proposed to the Knesset that the President should have more authority, instead of being just a symbol of the country. Also, Begin touches upon the importance of discontinuing the usage of words such as “Sephardi” and “Ashkenazi.” He concludes, though, reemphasizing his original point that regardless of who the President will be, he will be the President for all of Israel.

The New Revelations in the Lavon Affair

After the minister of agriculture revealed the details of the Lavon Affair, Begin called for a vote of no confidence, arguing that the government had behaved irresponsibly in how it revealed the facts: either it was a secret and should not have been revealed at all, or it was not a secret and could have been revealed far earlier.

Begin on future of Herut Party

A speech by Begin to a Betar conference in South Africa in 1953. Begin is proud of the delegates to the conference for their allegiance and dedication. He says that Herut must not give up on the goal of a constitution for Israel, even if the idea is unpopular, because it is a necessity. Begin rejects the usage of the terms ‘left’ and ‘right’ as applied to political parties, as they were developed arbitrarily. He argues that Herut will defend the middle class from Mapai’s attempts to destroy it. Herut must be a party for all Jews in Israel. Herut supports the supremacy of the law and the independence of the judiciary. Herut is against the concept of civil marriages because it would lead to two different societies in Israel. The road for Betar and Herut may be long and hard, but their members should remember that Jabotinsky did not live to see the creation of the State of Israel either. They may yet achieve their goals despite their hardships.

Speech at Knesset 9.11.49

A speech Begin gave at the Knesset in 1949. The Government has been acting very undemocratically in preventing discussion on the writing of a constitution for the new State of Israel. The budget and the deficit of the new State are enormous, putting the economy at risk. Unfortunately there is little concrete investment in Israel and the charity of the Diaspora Jewish communities is not enough. Herut warned of the need to rescue the Jews in Arab countries from anti-Jewish violence and was ignored, and now that the government is finally responding to the problem it may be too late. The Arabs and other nations are making territorial claims against Israel, and Israel should make territorial claims in response, for all of Eretz Israel should be part of Israel by right. The government should resign in light of the above offences and mistakes. The Herut proposes a law for Jerusalem as the eternal and undivided capital of Israel.

Begin outlines economicand social program

A speech Begin gave in America during the mid-1950s. The essence is democracy is that the rulers change from time to time, and by questioning that principle the government is acting totalitarian. On the political front, if Herut came to power, it would form a constitution. A constitution is necessary to set limits on what the government can do and explicitly tell the citizens their rights and responsibilities. On the social plane Begin favors a free market approach with some government intervention to help narrow the gaps. Herut would work towards the famous ‘5 Mems.’ On the economic lane, Begin focuses on the Histadrut, and how he would break up the monopoly of the Histadrut the way trusts are broken up in America in order to ensure the success of free enterprise and the flow of investment. He would not force the disbandment of any labor unions, as they are necessary to ensure that workers have a high enough standard of living to be consumers.