Meet the Press Interview with Menachem Begin 1948

An interview Begin gave on Meet the Press in New York in 1948. Begin apologizes for his poor English. He is in America on a goodwill mission on behalf of those who fought for liberation against the British and will be returning to Israel before the elections for the constituent assembly, in which he is running on the Herut list. Etzel turned its guns over to the Israeli government when told to and will not raise any arms against a Jewish government. Begin did not meet Col. David Marcus, but he considers him to be a hero and a great commander. Herut has members from Israel’s non-Jewish minorities and does not have a policy of racial exclusion. The UN has utterly failed to live up to its vision, but Begin prays it will become the organization it was meant to be. Herut does not object to the Histadrut or any other labor unions existing, but it does object to the Histadrut also employing the workers in addition to being a union.

The Three

During an underground operation three Etzel soldiers were killed. One was a machine gun expert that kept his comrades safe. Another had just recovered from life-threatening injuries and insisted on going back into battle. The third had completed the mission and was about to leave when he was struck down. The Etzel will continue to fight.

Begin Speaks at Israel Bonds Gala

Prime Minister Begin addresses the Israel Bonds gala and discusses the recent success in defeating the PLO in southern Lebanon. He mentions the great lengths Israel went to avoid inflicting civilian casualties on the Lebanese population, as well as the technological superiority of Israel’s air and ground forces over the Syrian opposition.

Conflict in Lebanon 2

A Norwegian documentary on the conflict in Lebanon. Prime Minister Begin is interviewed and discusses the national origins of PLO fighters, as well as the historical significance of cooperating with the Lebanese government. The same and additional parts of the documentary are found in document “Conflict in Lebanon”.

America as an Ally – Meet the Press

Prime Minister Begin answers questions from members of the American press on “NBC” about the implications of a possible deal to sell AWACS planes to Saudi Arabia, Israeli obligations to America as their ally in the face of retaliating against PLO attacks from southern Lebanon, and the possibility of a national unity government headed by Herut.