Sitting 3 of the Ninth Knesset Part I

Begin presents to the Knesset with his government and its guidelines. In this speech, he first clarifies that he will not ask for other nations to recognize Israel’s right to exist, because existence is a right. He hopes other nations will recognize Israel’s sovereignty and “the mutual need for a life of peace and understanding.” He speaks about the Jewish people’s eternal relationship to the Land of Israel. Begin then reads the list of guidelines of the government.

Book on History of the Haganah: A Distortion of the Facts

Begin addresses the Golda Meir’s decision to not publish, under the name of the Government and Army, chapters about Etzel in a second volume about the history of the Haganah. Begin explains that the volume distorts Etzel’s activities and criticizes Ze’ev Jabotinsky. Begin shares his process of trying to prevent the second volume from being published. He speaks with Moshe Dayan, who then passed it onto the Cabinet. Begin also spoke with then Prime Minister, Levi Eshkol. Begin shifts to the current decision by current Prime Minister, Golda Meir, to have the volume published, but without the name of the Government or the Army. Although the distortion of the truth is still published, Begin expresses the importance of the Government’s decision not to put its stamp of approval.

Practical Considerations Vs. National Honour

Begin discusses the issue of the sale of the s.s. Shalom, a ship which has become a burdensome deficit, to a German company. He states that national honor is far more important than material possession but since many citizens lack this value, it is causing many to emigrate. He stresses that education about attachment to the Motherland may help the situation

Herut’s Role in New Knesset

Begin speaks to the new Knesset focusing on his disappointments and lack of confidence in the new Government. Throughout the speech, he repeats that within the Government “‘yes’ is not ‘yes’; ‘no’ is not ‘no.'” He first discusses members’ actions in finding a loophole around the law the fifth Knesset adopted. He also discusses the actions of the new Minister of Labour, who demands Sabbath Law. This Minister demands the Ashdod Port to be closed on Shabbat, but because this could damage the national economy, he will determine if the port needs to operate on Shabbat. Ultimately, he argues that national action needs to happen and shares the actions Herut wants to take.

Menachem Begin Defends Youth of Israel

An op-ed Begin wrote in response to criticism of Israeli youth by the political establishment. Israel’s youth are being accused of being too career-focused and not self-sacrificing like the youth that first built the state. Begin says that no generation can be generalized, even for good, and that all generations have their selfish and sloth-like elements. There does not have to be a contradiction between getting an education and pursuing a career on the one hand, and service to the state on the other hand. In fact the state needs people who pursue careers and provide for themselves and their families.