Sitting 3 of the Ninth Knesset Part I

Begin presents to the Knesset with his government and its guidelines. In this speech, he first clarifies that he will not ask for other nations to recognize Israel’s right to exist, because existence is a right. He hopes other nations will recognize Israel’s sovereignty and “the mutual need for a life of peace and understanding.” He speaks about the Jewish people’s eternal relationship to the Land of Israel. Begin then reads the list of guidelines of the government.


Begin shares the issues he finds important regarding Israel’s upcoming electorate. He first addresses that elections on the basis of constituencies would ensure the Labor Party the majority of seats in the Knesset. Begin explains that some small parties voted in agreement for the constituent system because it would lead to greater legislative efficiency. However, unlike these parties, Gahal did not commit suicide. Then Begin speaks about the multiple debates Gahal initiated in the Knesset. After that, Begin speaks about the invalid argument that if Israel is not partitioned, it will become a bi-national State. He concludes that depending on which party Israel votes for, they will be choosing a socialistic regime (Labor Party) or a free society (Gahal).

If Menachem Begin Were Prime Minister of Israel

Begin was asked by the Israeli newspaper “Yediot Acharonot” what he would do if he became Prime Minister. Begin first responds saying that he would create a Government that does not have Mapai domination. He then mentions the actions he would take regarding foreign policy and the education system. Begin strongly states that he would end direct contact with Germany. He also would work hard to fight discrimination and to protect the State’s laws with the State’s Constitution. He concludes by going into detail about strengthening the economy.