8 Points for Peace

In the Passover Edition of the Jewish Herald, Begin states 8 points Herut has proposed in order to establish peace in the Middle East. He then addresses neighboring Arab countries. Begin stresses to them that each time they attempted to destroy Israel, they destroyed themselves. He continues to say that Israel is getting stronger because the fighting Jew has emerged and is “prepared to fight for liberty.” Begin argues that although that the fighting Jew can destroy Arabs, the fighting Jew wants to make peace. Additionally, Begin says that history that continuing with war is pointless. He reiterates, though, that Israel’s forces are alert and ready. He then counters the argument that Herut views are extremist and concludes that making great land concessions and negotiating with Arafat representatives are in fact extremist.

Book on History of the Haganah: A Distortion of the Facts

Begin addresses the Golda Meir’s decision to not publish, under the name of the Government and Army, chapters about Etzel in a second volume about the history of the Haganah. Begin explains that the volume distorts Etzel’s activities and criticizes Ze’ev Jabotinsky. Begin shares his process of trying to prevent the second volume from being published. He speaks with Moshe Dayan, who then passed it onto the Cabinet. Begin also spoke with then Prime Minister, Levi Eshkol. Begin shifts to the current decision by current Prime Minister, Golda Meir, to have the volume published, but without the name of the Government or the Army. Although the distortion of the truth is still published, Begin expresses the importance of the Government’s decision not to put its stamp of approval.

How We Have Waited and Longed for this Day

Begin addresses members of the Jabotinsky Movement, representatives of the Jewish Legion, and Jabotinsky’s disciples and admirers almost 25 after his death, urging them to support a decision to move his remains to Mount Herzl.

The Turning Point in Jewish History

On the 20th anniversary of the Irgun’s declaration of war against the British in Palestine, Begin spoke at a celebration in Tel Aviv. In the speech, Begin recounts the difficulty of the struggle for liberation, compares the Irgun to other national liberation movements, and notes that their struggle was merely the continuation of the Bar Kochba revolt.

Israel, Remember Your Heroes

On the 20th anniversary of the Irgun’s declaration of war against the British in Palestine, Begin paid tribute to the heroes of the organization and those who fell in the struggle for the Jewish state.