The Strike

Begin addresses David Ben Gurion’s attitude towards the current engineer strikers. Begin starts by referencing to a time pre-Statehood when Ben Gurion instructed the leader of Haganah to annul his signature in an agreement that was with Etzel. Then Begin argues that Ben Gurion was involved in preventing the engineer employees coming to an agreement with their employers. Begin continues to explain Ben Gurion’s negative perspective on the strike and goes so far to call the strike “savage.” Furthermore, Begin counter-argues Ben Gurion’s claim that the strikers do not want to work. Begin shifts to share that since most strikes end in compromise, it is important to think if a strike could be avoided. Then he shares that doctors, teachers, and engineers should only strike as a last-resort. Begin concludes that the Mapai’s “lack of differentiation” system is paralyzing and that the “5 mem’s” should be the minimum all Israelis should receive.

Mr. Ben Gurion…and a Matter of ‘Fraud and Deception’

Begin writes about David Ben Gurion’s attempt to change the electoral system to strengthen Mapai. He explains that Ben Gurion hopes to change the electoral system from proportional representation to the constituency system. Begin speaks about both of these systems and acknowledges that there has yet been an election system that has the perfect combination of justice and utility. He speaks about the democratic electoral systems in both England and the United States. Begin shifts to criticize Ben Gurion’s desire to create a two-party government. He speaks about Ben Gurion being a Marxist. Begin concludes saying that for Israel’s future, Mapai’s regime needs to be weakened.

Menachem Begin Replies to an Open Letter

In the Open Letter, youth from the Tzrifin Underground accuse Begin of not supporting the youth in fighting against the Government’s unjust laws. They argue that it is enough for him to speak in the Knesset, but he should also be encouraging and supporting for the youth to act. Begin responds by first addressing Mapai newspapers excitement towards the open letter. These newspapers claimed that the youth from the terrorist group saw Begin as their leader. Begin responds that it is ridiculous to make such accusations without any evidence. He continues to say though that he has and will continue to encourage incitement against tyrannical laws that exist in Israel. Then Begin explains why he believes the ballot box is the only successful way to gain control of the Government. He concludes by telling the youth that “a free man, who chooses his own path, should never feel compelled to blame anyone who accompanies him, or who does not accompany him, for that choice.”

Menachem Begin Answers the Questions People are Asking

While Begin is on tour in Latin America, he participants in an interview with “Die Yiddishe Zeitung.” The interview starts with discussing the important role Diaspora Jews have in Israeli policies, and specifically references to the Jewish-German financial agreement. Begin shares that while being in the Irgun, he viewed himself as a politician and today, as a politician, he also views himself as a fighter. Begin speaks about the importance of liberating the Homeland in its entirety, and that this can be possible with favorable foreign policy. There is a question regarding the relationship between the current Government and the decrease of immigration and Begin mentions that he wants to receive immigrants from both the USA and North African countries. Lastly, Begin speaks about Jabotinsky’s ability to have both logic and warm feelings; therefore, revisionism, like its leader is both a political theory and temperament.