What Would Herut Do

While in South Africa, Begin addresses the South African Revisionist Party’s Executive Council and speaks about what Herut would do if it was the leading party in the Government. This address was printed over the course of three newspaper editions, each focusing on a specific topic. In the first article, Begin explains the country’s internal struggles, and then shares Herut’s solutions to those problems. The discussion of Israel’s economic problems continues in the second articleIn the last article, Begin speaks about the lack of peace with Arab countries and that liberating all of Eretz Israel is the road to peace. He expresses the necessity in giving complete equality of rights to the Arab population living in Israel. Begin also spends time discussing is the politics within the Government and concludes that it is crucial to not give up the dream of Herut being victorious in elections.

A Free People–Or a Police State

Begin speaks to the Knesset, expressing concern that the Government has not proceeded to formulate a constitution for Israel. He starts with an example to show that without a constitution, the Government can follow laws from the British Mandate. Then Begin explains that currently Israelis do not have privacy, and that their right to privacy will be secure only with a constitution. Additionally, Begin explains that, currently, one is discriminated against if that person is not aligned with Mapai’s views. The mistrust the Government has for its citizens will lead Israel to become a police State. To prevent this, a constitution is necessary. Begin identifies that the people opposing a constitution, also were the people willing to give up part of Eretz Israel. Begin concludes with two options to move forward: the Government begins drafting a constitution, or the Government arranges a plebiscite.