A Lesson in Democracy

Since I became a disciple of Jabotinsky at the age of 15—it is now fifty years ago—I learned from him, and believe this with all my heart, that Eretz Yisrael belongs to all the Jewish people and not only to that portion of our people that lives here. However, it is my duty to state … Continued

The Alternative is at Hand

In the Passover Edition of the Jewish Herald and only a few months before elections, Begin criticizes the Labor Alignment. Begin first shares Jabotinksy’s article regarding the murder of Haim Arlozoroff and the Jewish value of one cannot be called guilty until the verdict has been given. However, 23 years later, the late Avraham Stavsky still did not receive a fair trial. This leads Begin to argue that the Government who denied Stavsky a trial has been in power for 44 years. He shares Labor Alignment slogans over the years, such as: “To retain power – everything is permitted,” “The Party,” and “there is no alternative.” Begin responds saying that there is a clear alternative, Likud. He speaks about the seats his party has gained over the years and that today Likud only needs six more mandates to be called upon to form the new Government. He concludes that it is crucial to remove the ruling party because there is no party who holds permanent ownership of the country.

Israel’s Fruits of Victory Are Now in the Balance

Begin speaks about how it is dangerous for Israel to continuously retreat without peace agreements. He first speaks about the major losses of security, oil, and money if Israel hands over the Milta and Giddi passes and the Abu Rodeis oilfields. Begin then explains why it is dangerous to retreat back to the 1967 border lines without a true peace treaty. He counter-argues the claim by foreign powers that Israel should be pleased that if it retreats to the 1967 lines, Arab nations will recognize Israel’s right to exist. Begin speaks about Anwar Sadat’s strategy of emphasizing that not only does Israel need to retreat to the 1967 borders, Israel also needs to restore the rights of Palestinians. Towards the end, Begin discusses the discrimination Israel experiences by its ships not being allowed to pass through the Suez Canal. He concludes that now is the time for complete alertness.

Rabin’s Policy Means War

Begin speaks about Yitzchak Rabin’s policy leading to another war. He first explains Rabin’s mistake in no longer insisting peace treaties. Even so, the U.S. is not satisfied with Rabin’s actions. Begin explains Henry Kissinger’s involvement and then speaks about how Security Council Resolution 338 includes Security Council Resolution 242. Therefore, Begin misled Israelis and satisfied Assad when referring to Resolution 338. Begin quotes Sadat’s position about Israeli interim withdrawals. Begin speaks about Sadat’s strong relationship with Assad. He concludes that it is misleading for Rabin to claim that Arab agreement can be obtained because it will lead to a war.

What is ‘a Piece of Peace’

Begin expresses his belief that the Government is guilty of political blunder. He first explains that the Israeli Government is not alone; other governments have also slacked on being honest with its citizens. He specifically critique’s the Government’s decision to renounce its demand for both direct negotiations with its neighbors and retreat from land only after signed peace treaties. He counter-argues Henry Kissinger’s argument that since Israel’s neighbors do not agree to peace treaties, it is unrealistic for Israel to demand peace treaties. Begin speaks about what Arab leaders demand and then provides examples of peace treaties and territorial changes post-World War II. He concludes with a hope that the Jewish New Year will bring peace treaties and awareness of any new political blunder by the Government.