The Alternative is at Hand

In the Passover Edition of the Jewish Herald and only a few months before elections, Begin criticizes the Labor Alignment. Begin first shares Jabotinksy’s article regarding the murder of Haim Arlozoroff and the Jewish value of one cannot be called guilty until the verdict has been given. However, 23 years later, the late Avraham Stavsky still did not receive a fair trial. This leads Begin to argue that the Government who denied Stavsky a trial has been in power for 44 years. He shares Labor Alignment slogans over the years, such as: “To retain power – everything is permitted,” “The Party,” and “there is no alternative.” Begin responds saying that there is a clear alternative, Likud. He speaks about the seats his party has gained over the years and that today Likud only needs six more mandates to be called upon to form the new Government. He concludes that it is crucial to remove the ruling party because there is no party who holds permanent ownership of the country.

Lavon Mystery

Begin relates the scandal and its reaction surrounding Pinchas Lavon to the response of when Abraham Stavsky, Abba Ahimeir and Zvi Rosenblatt were falsely accused of being responsible for the assassination of Haim Arlosoroff. Even after the proof that an injustice happened, because important public figures were showed to be connected to the assassination of Arlosoroff, the request for a committee of investigation was rejected. Additionally, only in the Lavon mystery, “Davar” and other independent newspapers did demand justice for the injustice done to Lavon. It is problematic that leaders and media of Israel believe that honor and justice are dependent on one’s political alignments. Begin, however, believes that it is a crucial duty to state the truth. Begin speaks about the triangular relationship between Lavon, Ben Gurion, and Sharett. Begin concludes that it is problematic that members of Mapai are capable of exploiting a fellow member of the party.

Neither Rest Nor Respit

Due to recent disclosures about the Arlosoroff murder case, Begin reviews the incidents of July, 1933 and its’ aftermath. He goes into detail how he was notified about his friend’s, Haim Arlorsoroff, death and the accusations against Abraham Stavsky. He tells the story of his visit with Mrs. Stavsky to Ze’ev Jabotinsky and describes the feeling of “greatness” he experienced. Begin explains how Yehuda Azari, Chief of the Haganah Intelligence, who was involved in the Arlosoroff case, is responsible for the false accusations against Stavsky. Begin criticizes him and speculates why he remained silent for so many years while an innocent man, Stavsky, was being falsely accused. In order to erase any doubts of Stavsky’s innocence, Begin requests from Itzhak Gruenbaum, who once wrote an article in favor of “the inciters, the libelers, those who were after Stavsky’s blood”, to reveal the truth.