The Golan Heights Law

Begin’s statement at a government meeting proposing the annexation of the Golan Heights by Israel. Israeli law and sovereignty is to be fully applied to the Golan Heights. There is a law from 1967 relating to the territories of Eretz Israel, but that law does not apply to the Golan because it was part of the French Mandate for Syria. When Syria controlled the Golan it used the position to attack Israeli civilians. Israel has invited the rulers of Syria to negotiate peace, but Syria has refused to discuss peace. Syria’s Foreign Minister stated that the Arabs must wait until they are stronger than Israel. Assad stated that he would not recognize Israel even if the PLO were to do so. Syria’s actions mean that Israel’s response is not a breach of the Camp David Accords. Israel will face severe international protests over the annexation, but it is a matter of life and security, and so Israel must act in spite of those protests.

Those Who Ascended the Scaffold Ascended to Heaven in a whirlwind

An article singing the praises of the Gallows martyrs and the generation of the revolt. Liberty is more important than even life, and the fighters of the Etzel knew it. They sanctified God’s name, even in death, even those who blew themselves up before they could be hanged.

The Operational Agreement between the Haganah and the Irgun Zvai Leumi

The Etzel and the Haganah reached an operational agreement so as to have unity during the fight for Israel’s independence. Negotiations for such an agreement had been underway since the UN vote for partition. Etzel positions are to be placed under Haganah authority, and the Etzel is to carry out operations approved by the Haganah or assigned by them. The Etzel is not to be disarmed. No seizure of funds is to occur in Jewish controlled areas. Otherwise the Etzel is free to raise funds. Seizure of arms is to be coordinated between the organizations.

An Appeal to Our Arab Neighbors

A flyer published in Arabic during the Arab riots of December 1947. The Etzel warned the Arabs that if their attacks on Jewish civilians continued it would take vengeance. Now it has, with an offensive against rioters in several different cities that showed the Arabs the strength of the Jewish soldier. Now the Etzel once again calls on the Arab rioters to stop attacking Jews. Neither side is served by the violence; only the British oppressors stand to gain. The Arabs should reject the British and their anti-Jewish incitement and resume neighborly relations with the Jews. If the attacks do not stop, the Etzel will strengthen its counteroffensive. So for their own sakes as well as the sake of the Jews, the attacks must stop.

The Command of the Hour – the Unification of Forces

A flyer the Etzel put out while the post-partition vote violence between Arabs and Jews was raging. The British partition plot has brought this violence upon Eretz Israel, and the Mufti threatens to annihilate the Jews. The Jewish Agency contributed to the violence by agreeing to the partition plan. The Etzel stands as a wall against aggression and will extend its hand even to those Jews who persecuted it. The partition plan will not obligate the Jewish people, but they will still be forced to fight to secure their borders. The Jews will unite and liberate the homeland.