Issues and Answers – Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters interviews Prime Minister Begin on “ABC” about the progress of the peace process with Egypt, the meaning of Palestinian Arab autonomy, reactions to the Iranian hostage crisis and the Olympic Games in Moscow. He closes with how he wishes to be remembered.

Issues and Answers

An extensive interview with Prime Minister Begin on “ABC” about the progress of peace talks with Egypt. Taking place months after the deadline for a full treaty, much of the interview deals with the deal’s effects on Egypt’s obligations to other Arab nations, Begin’s feelings of optimism about the talks and Israel’s key role as part of the free world in the Middle East.

ABC News Special: Middle East Summit: Sadat in Israel

Barbara Walters interviews Begin and Anwar Sadat on “ABC” on the eve of Sadat’s visit to Jerusalem. Topics include: the Geneva Conference, the possibility of a future Palestinian state, Sadat’s visit to Yad Vashem, and general thoughts on the peace process.

Menahem Begin – Likud Party Winner, Israeli Elections

A television interview for ABC News. After he is elected but before he assumes office Begin already faces disagreements with the Carter Administration, with Clark and Seamans asking about those disagreements and his commitment to peace. Carter says Israel should withdraw from nearly all of the territories captured in 1967 while Begin says Judea and Samaria are integral and permanent part of Israel and there is existential danger in giving them up. Begin insists he is willing to negotiate peace with all Arab countries but not the PLO. When challenged over possibly losing American economic and military aid Begin counters that the relationship with America is mutually beneficial. Israel is keeping Communism out of the Middle East, Begin says.

T.V. Interview with Mr. Eban, Mr. Begin, etc.

A television interview Begin gave in 1969 about then-current events. When asked about the Arabs’ claims of being in Palestine for 2000 years he counters with the Arabs coming from Arabia and Mohamed only being born 1400 years ago. He also recounts the Jews’ various expulsions and returns to Israel. He insists that Judea and Samaria are nor ‘occupied’ but ‘liberated.’ He talks about how the non-Jews won’t listen because the Jews supposedly killed Jesus even though it was the Romans who did it and their hatred defies logic. He lashes out at De Gaulle for being an untrustworthy ally. He insists that Iraqi Jews cannot be spies.