The Twelfth-Fourteenth Session of the Tenth Knesset Wednesday, June 14, 1983 – The establishment of a committee of inquiry into the activities of the opposition circles during Operation Peace for the Galilee

Begin claims that the war in Lebanon was a war of self-defense, an attempt to protect the north from a real threat. Begin criticizes the opposition for trying to create the impression that there was aggression when going to war. Begin opposes the establishment of another commission of inquiry and claims that the government has adopted the conclusions of the Kahan Commission.

Sitting 18 of the Ninth Knesset

Prime Minister’s Statement on His Visit to the U.S. Introduction Prior to the elections of 1977 Mr. Begin had been depicted in much of the world media-including that of the U.S.-as a doctrinaire former terrorist, a “warmonger.” Thus, his first visit to the U.S. in his capacity as prime minister took on a special importance. … Continued

Sitting 3 of the Ninth Knesset Part I

Begin presents to the Knesset with his government and its guidelines. In this speech, he first clarifies that he will not ask for other nations to recognize Israel’s right to exist, because existence is a right. He hopes other nations will recognize Israel’s sovereignty and “the mutual need for a life of peace and understanding.” He speaks about the Jewish people’s eternal relationship to the Land of Israel. Begin then reads the list of guidelines of the government.

Sitting 3 of the Ninth Knesset Part II

After Shimon Peres addresses the Knesset as the leader of the opposition, Begin addresses the Knesset to close the debate and to receive confidence in the government from the Knesset. Begin criticizes Peres for the aggressive tone he spoke and that he will get used to not being the ruling party. He also reflects on the change within the country that led to Likud getting majority votes. Members from the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality argue with Begin about the future peace options with surrounding Arab nations. Begin then concludes the debate and the vote happens with 63 in favor and 53 against.

Speech at Knesset in honor of the USA Bicentennial

A speech Begin gave at the Knesset to commemorate the USA’s 200th anniversary. The American Revolution was a turning point in world history. Those who fight for freedom and justice do not believe in force, but they are still able to overcome the many and the strong through their moral values. Two hundred years later America is the most powerful nation and the primary force for freedom in the world. Begin asks that the US Ambassador to Israel move to Jerusalem permanently, and that America recognize and treat Israel as an ally like Israel recognizes and treats America. Israel knows all America has done to protect freedom around the world and throughout history, especially in World War Two. Begin also expresses admiration of the American Jewish community, the most powerful Diaspora Jewish community in nearly 2,000 years. Begin hopes that America will continue to protect the free world in the years to come.