The Fighting Jew

posted on:
23 In dec 2019
Jewish Heritage , Nationalism - Jewish Nationality. Jewish Nationality , Kol Israel , Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Terror Attack

The fighting Jew is a human being. He is the son of a Jewish mother, that most marvelous of all God's creatures, with all the softness of her love and the heavy burden of her concern. The fighting Jew loves children, all children – Arab children, too, I assure you. The fighting Jew loves books, loves liberty and hates war, like Garibaldi, but he is prepared to fight for liberty.

The fighting Jew does not want to harm any Arab. He wants peace between us and all Arabs. But if you ever raise a hand against his people, know this: the fighting Jew is fearless, his heart is of steel, his hands are trained for war and his fingers for battle. He will strike the enemy, disperse him, repulse him and destroy him, and ensure that his people shall have life, freedom and human respect in the Land of its Fathers for all eternity.