Prime Minister and Correspondent Interview Each Other

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3 In apr 1979
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The Egyptian people came out in their thousands and tens of thousands to welcome a man who is today the Prime Minister of Israel.  I left the car today in order to go into the crowd.  From last night I had been asking the security service to permit me to go into the crowd, to greet them.  I have no misgivings about anything.  Our boys were willing—but the Egyptians were not-in any way.  Today, they were persuaded.  And I went into the crowd—there were about five or six thousand people.  It is hard to describe the words of affection, the demonstration that they displayed for me.  They stood on roofs five, six stories up and waved.  As you can see: I was not hurt by anyone.  I am healthy and well.  This was one of the most wonderful things about the entire visit.

It is a fact that, since last night, the Egyptian people apparently got really warmed up in its attitude, as a result of what it saw on television or read in the papers.  Today, I could not go ten meters without meeting people waving their hands, in greeting, raising their hands way up high from so much excitement.  This is the most important thing of the whole visit: we established relations of friendship between the two peoples.