Issues and Answers – Barbara Walters

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1 In apr 1980
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Arabs of Israel, Palestinians, PLO. autonomy plan , Peace , Security

One of the most decisive issues is, one, the essence of the autonomy. What is the autonomy? Because I think it is made clear by the Camp David agreement, but there are many proposals. For instance, there is an Egyptian proposal to have an assembly, an executive, a judiciary. I call it a Palestinian state all but in name. It would be a mortal danger to Israel. We shall never accept it and it is in contradiction to the Camp David agreement. There, we promised autonomy, not sovereignty. Autonomy, not a state. Completely different concepts. So, we have to decide what is the essence of the autonomy. We made a proposal, now we wait for a reply. Then is the question of security, which is, again, perhaps the soul of the problem. There is the so-called PLO on the rampage. If they should take over, if we are not responsible for security, if we do not reserve security, there will be permanent bloodshed. Peace will be killed. Not only people will be killed. Peace itself will be murdered and there will be a danger to the free world because there will be a Soviet base established in the heart of the Middle East. These are all very important. These are actually the decisive issues we are needing to solve. And perhaps we will solve them during the next 40 days, when we deal with them in Egypt and in Israel. Not in Washington, as it was…