Issues and Answers – Barbara Walters

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1 In apr 1980
Jewish Heritage - Holocaust. Jewish Nationality , Aliyah - Return to Zion. Security - Self-Defense

There is a Jewish state for the first time after 1900 years of humiliation and dispersion and ultimately physical destruction. We have to thank God what we achieved in our generation. And nobody gave us this as a present. We had to fight for it. We had to give sacrifice in life. But, with God's help, we achieved that great, indeed, human victory. And now, we have to preserve for generations to come and we shall do our best to preserve it. There is an organization bent on our destruction. They will never succeed. We have to make sure that Israel lives forever and that our children and children's children are free men living in an independent country. And, may I tell you, as long as I breathe, I will fulfill that duty and so will do my friends and colleagues.